How do you keep up with medical literature?

Keeping Up with the Medical Literature

  1. Sign Up for Electronic Table of Contents (eTOCs) Emails. With thousands of journals, you can’t possibly read every one.
  2. Subscribe to Journal Digest Emails and Alerts.
  3. Social Media, Podcasts, Videos, and Visual Abstracts.
  4. Start a Journal Club.
  5. Review the Fundamentals.
  6. Finding Time.

Do you get paid for publishing a paper?

Is there money in it? Pretty much the only link between academic publishing and your bank account is the fact that you won’t get a job if you don’t publish (discounting the impact buying books has on your bank balance). You don’t get paid for articles you publish.

Where do doctors get their news?

Peer-reviewed medical journals like the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) are suited for physicians who want to publish new studies and articles that inform physicians, researchers, policy makers, librarians and the media on medical and healthcare issues.

Do doctors read medical journals?

Medical journals differ from scientific journals in that they are mainly read not by scientists but by practising doctors.

How do high schoolers get published?

While you need to submit quality work, there are definitely journals out there that receive and publish high schoolers’ writing….10 Journals Where You Can Get Published in High School

  1. The Adroit Journal.
  2. Alexandria Quarterly.
  3. AGNI.
  4. Cicada.
  5. The Claremont Review.
  6. Ember.
  7. The Louisville Review.
  8. Polyphony Lit.

How can I publish a research paper?

How to publish your research

  1. How to publish your research.
  2. About this topic.
  3. Step 1: choosing a journal.
  4. Step 2: writing your paper.
  5. Step 3: making your submission.
  6. Step 4: navigating the peer review process.
  7. Step 5: the production process.
  8. If your paper is accepted for publication, it will then head into production.

What are the most prestigious medical journals?

Table 2

Rank 2000 and later 2012 and later
1 Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews (1388) Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews (720)
2 The New England Journal of Medicine (1291) PLOS One (352)
3 The Lancet (1156) The New England Journal of Medicine (255)
4 The BMJ (921) Annals of Internal Medicine (200)

What publications do doctors read?

5 Must-Read Medical Publications For Doctors

  • PubMed. PubMed, a medical website from the US National Library of Medicine, provides doctors with abstracts and full articles on various medical topics.
  • Medscape.
  • WebMD.
  • American Medical Association (AMA)
  • Practice Builders’ Blog.

Is the Concord Review prestigious?

Established in 1987 by William H. Fitzhugh, a Massachusetts educator dismayed with the “dumbing down” of writing standards in American secondary schools, publication in the Review is considered among the most prestigious awards for high school students.

How do you publish a high school research paper?

One way for a HS student to publish research is to do it online. There are many online research journals where you can submit your work for free. is one of them. It is a fairly new international journal for students, so your odds of research being accepted if you submit is very high.

Do doctors have to publish papers?

Archive of Oncology 2003;11(2):59-64. The author maintains that a physician must publish because the knowledge is proper- ty of the entire mankind, because scientific journals offer the most reliable (medical) information, and because the process of publishing serves also as a final education of true experts.

How do I publish a medical article?

9 top tips for getting published in a medical journal

  1. Start by asking a simple question. “Re-examine what’s in front of you,” Dr.
  2. Choose a timely project with a defined end point.
  3. Don’t be deterred by lack of funds.
  4. Get a good mentor.
  5. Practice writing.
  6. Keep a sharp eye on your abstract, tables and figures.
  7. Follow the journal’s instructions.
  8. Build a great reference list.

How do medical students get published?

Finding Time to Publish as a Medical student: 6 Tips for Success

  1. Devote 1-2 hours a week to the writing process.
  2. Determine the best type of paper you are capable of writing within your time constraints.
  3. Select a topic.
  4. Review the literature.
  5. Ask a mentor or faculty member to review your work.
  6. Finally, select an appropriate journal and submit.