How do you make authentic Mexican hot chocolate?

Heat 2 cups whole milk with sugar, cinnamon, a pinch of salt, vanilla, and the spicy chili or cayenne (if using). Let the milk simmer for about 10 minutes to bloom and dissolve the cinnamon and cayenne, if using. Add the chopped dark chocolate and whisk and stir until the chocolate is fully melted and emulsified.

What is the difference between champurrado and hot chocolate?

Champurrado is a type of atole with its main characteristic consisting of chocolate. The difference between traditional hot chocolate and champurrado is the use of masa harina (corn flour). Atole is made by toasting masa on a griddle, then adding water that has been boiled with cinnamon sticks.

What’s the difference between atole and champurrado?

What’s the difference between atole and champurrado? Champurrado is a type of atole that’s made with Mexican chocolate, whereas the basic atole recipe does not include chocolate. Both atole and champurrado recipes are made with masa harina, piloncillo, vanilla extract, cinnamon, milk and water.

Does Abuelita hot chocolate have cinnamon?

For generations, Nestlé Abuelita Authentic Mexican Style Hot Chocolate Mix has been an essential part of the Hispanic kitchen. Its perfect balance of cocoa, sugar, vanilla, and cinnamon gives it a distinctively delicious “calor de hogar” taste.

What came first Ibarra or Abuelita?

Chocolate Abuelita was first launched in Mexico City in 1939, before being acquired by Nestle in 1995. Chocolate Ibarra was first launched in 1946. Today, Ibarra is controlled by the Ibarra Chocolate Group and is produced by Chocolatera Jalisco in Guadalajara.

What makes Mexican chocolate Mexican?

Mexican chocolate is not your average chocolate. Made from ground roasted cocao nibs, sugar, and cinnamon, it has a slightly granular texture and a distinctive spiced flavor. Besides cinnamon, Mexican chocolate may also contain other spices like nutmeg or allspice, as well as chilies for heat, and nuts for texture.

Why does Mexican chocolate taste different?

As a bar, chocolate in Mexico is minimally processed to retain the health benefits and integrity of cacao, which results in a more gritty, rustic texture than European chocolate. More often than not, chilies, cinnamon, sugar and or honey is added to drinks, mole and solid cacao products, like bars of chocolate.

Who made champorado?

History. Its history can be traced back from the Spanish colonial period of the Philippines. During the galleon trade between Mexico and the Philippines, Mexican traders brought the knowledge of making champurrado to the Philippines (on the way back, they introduced tuba in Mexico).

Can I use expired Chocolate Abuelita?

For optimum quality, all ABUELITA™ products should be consumed by the printed “Best if Used By” date. For optimum shelf life: Store all ABUELITA™ products in a cool, dry, odorless place. Tablets and Marqueta: Once opened, store unused portion in a tightly sealed container for 15-18 months as printed on package.

Does Nestlé own Abuelita chocolate?

Nestlé® acquires La Azteca’s chocolate brands, including ABUELITA™. ABUELITA™ Tablets and Granulated Mix are produced in Mexico, in the Toluca factories. It has united Mexican families for over 80 years through its authentic flavor, aroma and froth.