How do you organize the references according to APA style?

How to alphabetize your print sources

  1. Organize your Reference page by the last names of the authors (or editors).
  2. If a work has no author or editor, alphabetize by the first word of the title other than a, an, or the.
  3. Arrange same author sources using their last names every time.

How do you sort references?


  1. Select all of the references on your page (do not select the heading on the page: References)
  2. On the Home tab, in the Paragraph group, click the Sort icon.
  3. In the Sort Text dialog box, under Sort by, click Paragraphs and Text, and then click either Ascending.

How do you cite a group?

As with other abbreviations, provide the full name of the group on first mention in the text, followed by the abbreviation. If the group name first appears in a narrative citation, include the abbreviation before the year in parentheses, separated with a comma.

How should reference list be arranged?

Reference List Order. Works are listed in alphabetical order in the reference list, by the first word of the reference list entry. Arrange entries in alphabetical order by the surname of the first author followed by the initials of the author’s given name(s).25

How do you cite a course content?

Citing Course Content in MLA Lastname, Firstname. Title of the handout or “book chapter.” Title of the Website (container), URL. For Example: Levine, Caroline.

How do you cite a course module in APA?

The citation should include the last name of the module note author, then the first name. The title of the module in quotation marks should be listed, followed by the location of the module lecture or lesson, and the date. An example of a module citation should look like this: Smith, Julie.

How do you cite course materials in APA 7th edition?

Course Pack – Basic Format Author, A. A., & Author, B. B. (Year of publication). Title of document. In A. Instructor (Ed.), Course number: Course title (pp.

How do you cite something written in an organization?

In-Text Group or Organization as Author [6.13]

  1. Write out the full name of the organization or group, the date of publication, page and/or paragraph numbers.
  2. Afterwards abbreviate the organization or group.
  3. When using a narrative, write out the organization or group name then abbreviate later.

How do you cite a handbook in APA 7th edition?

Author’s last name, First Initial(s). (Year of Publication). Book title: Include subtitle too. Publisher location: Publisher name.17