How do you turn off a gas fireplace without the remote?

Usually there is a rocker switch that is located around your burner which, if in the “ON” position, it will override the remote. Turn the switch to “OFF.” There may be a wall switch that allows you to turn your burner on. Turn the switch to “OFF.”

Why won’t my remote work on my gas fireplace?

1) Batteries do not have enough power or are installed incorrectly. 2) Misunderstanding on how the remote features operate the fireplace. 3) The slide switch on the receiver is not in the correct position. 4) The remote hand-held transmitter has not had the “learn” function activated to the receiver.

How do I reset my electric fireplace remote?

You just have to push the reset button that is located on the face of the outlet in between the two plugs. If your electric fireplace is plugged into an outlet that is controlled by a wall switch, make sure the wall switch is flipped to the ON position.

Why does my fireplace remote not work?

How do I turn on my ambient technologies fireplace?

Slide the button to RS (the center position), then press the ON button on the transmitter to turn the system to ON. The main gas flame should ignite.

How do I start Real Fyre gas logs?

The Match Light lighting method is the most basic method, with no pilot valve assembly at all. Just place your match or lighter in the fireplace near the log burner, turn on the gas with your key valve already installed near your fireplace. Control the flame height by adjusting your key valve.

Why won’t my remote turn on my gas fireplace?

Is it OK to leave pilot light on gas fireplace?

Generally speaking, it is safe to leave your continuous pilot light on at all times, assuming it stays lit (more on this in a moment). While it does cost more to keep your pilot light on in between uses, it can actually have some benefits to your system.