How do you use a SPE cartridge?

To perform ion-exchange chromatography with SPE cartridges, use a gradient of pH or ionic strength with an ion exchange packing material.

  1. Condition the cartridge with six to ten hold-up volumes of deionized water or weak buffer.
  2. Load the sample dissolved in a solution of deionized water or buffer.

What is SPE column?

SPE cartridges, also referred to as SPE columns, are single-use plastic tubes. Thermo Scientific SPE cartridges are available in a variety of sizes with a capacity of from 1mL to 150mL. Cartridge format is used to process a limited number of samples at a time.

What is SPE and SPME?

Solid phase extraction (SPE) and solid phase microextraction (SPME) are among the most significant sample clean-up and pretreatment techniques, which have attracted a considerable interest in the pre-concentration and determination of a wide variety of analytes in biological, pharmaceutical, environmental, industrial …

What is SPE method?

Solid phase extraction (SPE) is a technique designed for rapid, selective sample preparation and purification prior to the chromatographic analysis (e.g. HPLC, GC, TLC). In SPE, one or more analytes from a liquid sample are isolated by extracting, partitioning, and/or adsorbing onto a solid stationary phase.

What are the types of SPE?

The types of SPE fall into several categories including, reversed phase, normal phase, ion exchange (anion/cation), as well as mixed-mode phases, which have the properties of more than one type of SPE material. Figure 4 describes the properties of these phases.

What are the disadvantages of solid phase extraction?

Three of the most common problems seen with solid-phase extraction (SPE) are poor recovery, reproducibility issues, and sample extracts being insufficiently clean.

Why is SPE used?

SPE is used to: simplify complex sample matrices. purify compounds of interest. reduce the ion suppression in mass spectrometry applications.

How do you pack a SPE cartridge?

Pack a SPE Cartridge in Three Steps

  1. Loading Bottom Frit. Push the bottom frit to the bottom of the cartridge using a push rod.
  2. Filling Sorbent. Keep the cartridge upright, place stemmed funnel onto the cartridge, add required amount of sorbent to the cartridge via the funnel.
  3. Loading Top Frit.

What is SPME good for?

The primary advantages of SPME are its ability to decouple sampling from the matrix effects that would distort the apparent sample composition or disturb the chromatographic separation, its simplicity and ease of use, and its reduced or nonexistent solvent consumption.

What is SPME used for?

SPME is widely used for a variety of applications involving environmental, biological and pharmaceutical samples, foods and beverages, flavors and fragrances, forensics and toxicology and product testing. Typical uses include: Environmental analyses of water & air samples.

How do you choose a SPE?

The general method of SPE is: use the principle of chromatographic analysis of selective adsorption and selective elution, pass the liquid sample through the adsorbent, retain the analytes in it, wash the impurities with a suitable solvent, and then elute the analytes with a small amount of solvent, to achieve the …

How do I choose a SPE?

What is a simple SPE cartridge?

A simple SPE cartridge is a small glass column with a diameter of a few millimeters or cartridges made of plastics such as polyintraene, polyethylene, polytetrafluoroethylene, or stainless steel. There is a sintered sieve plate with a pore size of 20μm at the lower end of the cartridges to support the adsorbent.

What is the difference between the SPE cartridges and disk extractors?

The main difference between the SPE cartridges and disk extractor is the ratio of bed thickness to diameter. For the packing of equal weight, the load area of disk extraction is higher than that of cartridges type. The extraction is 10 times larger, thus allowing the liquid sample to flow through at a higher flow rate.

What is SPE and how is it used?

SPE is most often used to remove interfering compounds from a sample, although it can also be used to enrich/concentrate analytes of interest in the sample. SPE makes use of a solid phase material (there are many to choose from) that functions to retain the interfering substances, while solvents elute the sample, which is collected and analyzed.

Why SMT totalsep™ SPE cartridges?

SMT TotalSep™ SPE cartridges have been developed to meet some of the most dif culty challenges in sample puri cation methods: clean extracts and high recoveries. Generally, SPE products are used in one of two ways.