How do you write 100 in an essay?

3 Answers. The statistical-sounding expression is no problem, but if you want to be formal in register, as your headline indicates, you should probably spell it out as one hundred percentand also spell out it is (which latter you have here contracted).

What does a number in parentheses mean?

Numbers in Parentheses – A number listed on the financial statements that in contained within parentheses is a negative number. If there are no parentheses the number is positive. Statement of Revenue & Expenses – This report shows the monthly billed income and incurred expenses.

When should you put numbers in parentheses?

Example: He finally answered—after taking five minutes to think—that he did not understand the question.Use parentheses to enclose words or figures that clarify or for an aside. Use parentheses to enclose numbers and letters of listed items in a sentence as well as in outline format.

How do you list examples of parentheses?

In formal writing it is advisable to write for example or for instance instead of e.g. But if a writer insists on it, e.g. and the example(s) that follow it should be placed in parentheses: High-fiber foods (e.g., lentils and broccoli) are good for you.

Why do you use parentheses in writing?

Parentheses are used to enclose incidental or extra information, such as a passing comment, a minor example or addition, or a brief explanation. The writer may choose to put additional information within parentheses or to set off the text using dashes or commas.

Is it OK to use parentheses in formal writing?

In formal writing, parentheses are often used to provide supplementary information within a sentence. This information is not essential to the sentence, but the reader will benefit from knowing it. For example, when referring to a member of a company in a formal document, it is not uncommon to see “Mr.