How does Torvald react to the first letter from Krogstad?

After reading the first letter, Torvald solidifies his core feelings toward his wife. He immediately explodes into angry outbursts toward her.

What does Nora tell Torvald she has to do before she can be a wife and mother?

Finding her husband a stranger, Nora chooses to seek lodging with Christine rather than spend another night with him. Torvald points out that she has no right to neglect her most sacred duties — duties to her husband and children: TORVALD: Before all else you are a wife and mother.

What does Mrs Linde represent in a doll’s house?

Mrs. Linde, as she is generally known to the other characters, is an old friend of Nora’s. She tells both Krogstad and Nora that she is miserable without other people to take care of, thereby fitting into the traditional role of women as caretakers and nurturers.

What is Helmer’s attitude toward Nora upon reading Krogstad’s letter?

what is helmer’s attitude toward nora upon reading krogstad’s letter? he immediately starts blaming her and calling her rude names. what is helmer’s plan for the future? they could act like everything is okay and she could stay there.

What other reasons does Helmer give for refusing to rehire Krogstad?

nora says that krogstad could slander helmer in the newspapers. what reason does helmer give for refusing to rehire krogstad? krogstad has been disrespectful at the bank around the other employees by addressing helmer on a first name basis.

What is the significance of Helmer’s dismissal of Nora’s statement when I am out of the way you will be free?

Nora is anxious when she thinks of Helmer reading the letter. What is the significance of Helmer’s dismissal of Nora’s statement, “When I am out of the way, you will be free”? Helmer dismisses Nora’s statement, as he doesn’t believe that by Nora leaving he will be free.

How does Torvald treat Nora like a doll?

In a sense, by keeping Nora dependent upon and subservient to him, Torvald plays the role of Nora’s second father. He treats her like a child, doling out money to her and attempting to instruct her in the ways of the world. Nora sees her daughter the same way she has likely been treated all of her life—as a doll.

What is the relationship between Nora and Mrs Linde?

The most striking contrast is between Nora and Mrs. Linde. Nora is a happy wife in the beginning and turns out to be a tragic character at the end of the drama; Mrs. Linde is a tragic widow at first but she later becomes smugly satisfied wife of Krogstad at the end.

Why does Nora leave Torvald?

Nora rejects his offer, saying that Torvald is not equipped to teach her, nor she the children. Instead, she says, she must teach herself, and therefore she insists upon leaving Torvald. Nora says that she realizes that she is childlike and knows nothing about the world.

What happens between Mrs Linde and Krogstad?

Linde once had romantic relations with Krogstad but broke them off in order to marry Mr. Linde, who had more money. Mrs. Linde says that she felt the marriage was necessary for the sake of her brothers and mother but regrets having ignored her heart, which told her to stay with Krogstad.

What is the significance of Mrs Linde’s former and present relationship to Krogstad?

Mrs. Linde and Krogstad represent the healthy relationship that Nora comes to realize she lacks. In her final conversation with Helmer, it is safe to assume that Nora’s “duties to [her]self” are the same ones Mrs. Linde has fulfilled through her independent lifestyle (Ibsen 65).

Does Dr Rank kill himself?

Rank, for the knowledge of his death coincides with her decision to commit suicide. Her tarantella is then a symbolic death dance which Rank, fittingly, plays for her on the piano.