How expensive is QuietRock?

Currently, the cost of QuietRock 510 is about $54 per sheet of 1/2-inch-thick, 4 x 8-foot panel. This compares to a sheet of conventional 1/2-inch-thick drywall selling for about $7.50 per panel. This means that you can purchase roughly seven sheets of standard drywall for the cost of one QuietRock panel.

Is QuietRock worth the money?

Although its cost makes it prohibitive for tight budgets, using QuietRock is the most recommended option for those who need more sound dampening. This includes recording studios, houses with noisy neighbors, rooms that require a quieter environment, and more.

Who manufactures QuietRock?

QuietRock® Product Family | PABCO Gypsum.

What is the STC of QuietRock?

QuietRock 545 on a single stud wall has an STC rating of 56.

Why is QuietRock not recommended for ceilings?

Because of the design of the QuietRock 510 to achieve its acoustical performance, this product is not suitable for installation on ceilings as it may sag over time. One work-around solution is to install a layer of 5/8″ standard drywall over the QuietRock 510 and stagger the seams to prevent the product from sagging.

How do you install QuietRock over existing drywall?

QuietRock should be screwed or nailed to the studs when installing over existing drywall. We do not recommend the use of construction or standard drywall adhesives when installing QuietRock as this can affect the panel’s acoustic performance.

How much does a sheet of QuietRock weigh?

QuietRock 510

Core Thickness Weight
QR510/Regular 1/2” (12.7 mm) 2.13lbs/ft2

How do you cut a QuietRock 500?

Cutting QuietRock® Panels:

  1. QuietRock® panels may be scored with a carbide cutter. We have found that the best blade is the Irwin Blue.
  2. Blade (available at most building supply dealers). It may be simpler and quicker to use an electric drywall saw.
  3. (e.g. a worm drive Skilsaw) with a vacuum.

Which wall assembly has the best STC rating?

Drywall between double studs can dramatically reduce the STC rating of an assembly.

  1. Insulation will noticeably improve the STC rating of an assembly.
  2. Staggered or double stud walls are higher rated than single stud walls.
  3. Metal stud walls perform better than wood stud walls.

What is the best sound deadening insulation?

When soundproofing is your goal, your best options out there are fiberglass insulation and blown-in cellulose insulation. Both materials are incredibly good at their jobs; they insulate incredibly well but also have the coveted noise-reducing properties that many homeowners are seeking.

How do I get my STC 50 rating?

Add Soundproofing Membranes: If you need to achieve an STC of 50 or higher, consider using a soundproofing membrane. These products offer decoupling by separating the drywall from studs, and also significant mass increases.

What is QuietRock 500?

Sound damping panel, ideal sound solution over existing drywall or in new construction QuietRock 500 is a multi-layer engineered drywall panel made of gypsum and viscoelastic sound absorbing polymers

Why choose QuietRock sound reducing drywall?

QuietRock sound reducing drywall offers outstanding acoustic performance without sacrificing valuable floor space. QuietRock products are developed with patented “thin wall technologies” to improve Sound Transmission Class (STC) performance using less material and time needed to install.

What is the STC rating of QuietRock?

1/2-In QuietRock can deliver an STC rating of 42+ on a 16 inch on center wood stud assembly (higher STC possible on more flexible assemblies) Consider QuietRock500 around your TV room laundry room bedrooms home sound studio or anywhere airborne sound is an issue

Why choose QuietRock EZ-SNAP?

QuietRock EZ-SNAP delivers high acoustic performance with improved workability to speed up installation time. Patented EZ-SNAP technology allows for easy score, snap, hang and finish like standard gypsum wallboard