How is Klaus related to Elena?

The antagonistic relationship between the Cured vampire/human doppelgΓ€nger Elena Gilbert and the Original Hybrid Klaus Mikaelson. Klaus returned to town for the sole purpose of killing Elena in the sacrifice, which he eventually achieved.

Is Klaus in The Vampire Diaries books?

Klaus was a character of The Vampire Diaries novel series and an Old One, a pureblooded vampire. He is the main antagonist in Dark Reunion and The Hunters: Destiny Rising. Klaus is resurrected in The Hunters: Destiny Rising, on a mission to get revenge and destroy Elena and all of her friends.

Did the writers change in Vampire Diaries?

The writers of The Vampire Diaries TV show made the right decision in changing one of the ways that Elena passed away. They kept the iconic drowning scene from the books to transition her to her new vampire life. However, they changed her other passing to make it something more exciting.

Who is the author of the originals?

Julie Plec

Julie Plec
Occupation Producer, screenwriter and director
Alma mater Northwestern University
Period Writer: 1996–present
Notable works Scream Kyle XY The Vampire Diaries The Originals Legacies Roswell, New Mexico

Why do the hybrids eyes bleed?

Ray, an unstable Hybrid If a newborn hybrid feeds on regular human blood to officially complete their transition, the hybrid will become unstable, causing them to bleed from the eyes, become rabid, and eventually die in pain.

Does Elena date Damon in the books?

Although Damon is in love with Elena in both the books and TV show, and despite the fact that Damon has a significant relationship with Bonnie in both the books and the TV show, his connection to Bonnie in the books is much stronger than in the series.

Who wrote TVD books?

L. J. SmithThe Vampire Diaries / Author

Are The Originals in TVD books?

The Originals was a trilogy of books that chronicled the events of the The Original Vampire siblings – Klaus, Elijah, and Rebekah Mikaelson – in New Orleans around the 18th century.

Are there Originals books?

The Originals: The Rise2015
The Originals: The Loss2015The Originals: The Resurrection2015
Originals Series/Books

What did Klaus do to Elena in the Vampire Diaries?

When Elena wakes up in chains, Klaus is by her, and explains that he’s draining her of her blood so that he can create an army and still kill Alaric. He questions her on if she would choose Stefan or Damon, but she tells him to go to hell.

What is the difference between Klaus and Elena?

Consequently, he had was tormented just like Elena, the difference between the two: Klaus is an immortal original werewolf-vampire hybrid. After Caroline tells Klaus that Stefan had freed Elena, Klaus is not amused at all and tells her to shut up.

Why did Klaus Mikaelson Hunt Elena?

Throughout The Vampire Diaries, Klaus was considered one of the most powerful beings, yet he hunted Elena so he could be stronger. Niklaus “Klaus” Mikaelson was one of the six original vampires from whom the predatory species branched out in The Vampire Diaries.

Does Elena come back to life Klaus?

Klaus then drains Elena of her blood, killing her, though she returns to life. After realising that his plan to create hybrids has gone wrong, Klaus suspects that Elena may be alive. After discovering that Elena returned to life, Klaus arrives at the school in search of her.