How know my Rashi?

Use an online calculator to determine your rashi. While the sun sign changes every month or so, the moon sign rashi changes every 2.5 days. Use an online calculator to do the calculations for you, or go to a Vedic astrology expert to find your rashi.

Which Rashi is for which Nakshatra?

There are 27 Nakshatras or Stars and 12 Rashis(Signs)….Nakshatra and Rashi Chart.

Nakshatra / Star Pada / Padam Rashi / Zodiac
Ashwini 4th Pada Mesha (Aries)
Bharani 1st Pada Mesha (Aries)
Bharani 2nd Pada Mesha (Aries)
Bharani 3rd Pada Mesha (Aries)

What is Rashi according to Name?

Name of Rashi First Letter of Baby’s Name
Dhanu bha, dha, pha, dha (भ, ध, फ, ढ)
Makar kha, ja (ख, ज)
Kumbha ga, sa, sha, Sh (ग, स, श, ष)
Mina / Meen da, cha, tha, jha (द, च, थ, झ)

What is the Rashi of September born?

Libra is Tula rashi in Hindi astrology. If you were born between September 24 to October 23 you are with sign Libra.

What is 3rd Pada?

Rohini Nakshatra 3rd Pada: People born under pada 4 of Ashwani nakshtra are learning the science of body very quickly. They have a tremendous interest in fixing and dissecting the body. This nakshtra produces most of the physicians and doctors out there. They may belong to medical profession and have helping nature.

What is Thiruvathirai Festival?

Thiruvathira or Thiruvathirai or Arudhra Darisanam is a Hindu festival celebrated in the Indian states of Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Thiruvathirai (Arudhra) in Tamil means “sacred big wave”, using which this universe was created by Lord Shiva about 132 trillion years ago.

What are the characteristics of Thiruvathirai?

Characteristics of those, known as the moist one, born under Thiruvathirai are not true to their self; they are afflicted by a severe short temper. They are intelligent and smart. They might feel happy by inflicting harm on others.

What are the negative side effects of Thiruvathira nakshatra?

You, Thiruvathira nakshatra natives, will be so busy in your daily routine that you will rarely take food in time as a result of which your body will lack glow. You are short-tempered and will throw tantrums at the slightest provocation.

Where is Thiruvathira Star celebrated in Kerala?

In the month of Makaram Thiruvathira Star is celebrated in Mathira Peedika Devi Temple, owned by Thiruvithamcore Devaswom Board, near Kadakkal in Kollam District of Kerala state. Thiruvathira has a connection with lord moon.