How long is Carrier warranty?

10 years
Carrier’s standard warranty generally features 10-year parts, and some systems come with lifetime or 20 years on major components. As with many major manufactures, to be eligible for the maximum warranty, Carrier systems need to be registered….Infinity Series Air Conditioner Warranty.

Parts 10 years
Compressor 10 years

How does Carrier warranty work?

Carrier Warranty Plans and Coverage. Carrier doesn’t provide traditional home warranty plans that cover multiple systems or appliances in one comprehensive package. Instead, the specific products homeowners purchased from Carrier are covered under the company’s own warranty plan.

How long is Carrier HVAC warranty?

Carrier Air Conditioner Warranty Carrier offers a 10-year parts limited warranty for Infinity, Performance, and Comfort series air conditioners that utilize Puron refrigerant.

How do I claim a Carrier warranty?

If you prefer to speak to someone in person, call 1-800-Carrier (1-800-227-7437) .

How do I know if my AC is still under warranty?

Most manufacturers allow owners to look up existing air conditioner warranty information on their websites. This is usually done by entering the unit’s serial number, which will recall all warranty coverage associated with the system.

How can I check my AC warranty?

Does AC warranty transfer to new owner?

Do I Have to Transfer My Furnace and A/C Warranties When I Buy a Home? Yes. Almost all brands of HVAC require that when the home is sold, the warranty be transferred to the new owner. You’ll need to contact the manufacturer, and there is typically a fee to do this as well.

How long does Carrier heat pump last?

Heat pumps normally last an average of 15 years, though some can wear out after a decade. Some of the newer units being manufactured today can last a bit longer. The factor most important in determining the lifespan of your heat pump is maintenance.

Is a AC compressor covered under warranty?

If your cooling equipment is newer, it is likely covered by an air conditioner warranty from the manufacturer. Most manufacturers offer 5 to 10-year limited air conditioner warranties, which typically cover the compressor.

What causes AC compressor failure?

1. Too Little or Too Much Refrigerant. In the event that the amount of refrigerant in the system is not perfect, it could create too much pressure or strain and lead to compressor failure. Too little refrigerant is most likely caused by an insufficient charge from the last technician, or from a refrigerant leak.