How long is Polar Express Ride in Arizona?

Approximately 90 minutes
The ride lasts a little over an hour, with the train leaving each night at 5:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. TOTAL ROUND-TRIP TIME: Approximately 90 minutes.

How much are Polar Express tickets in AZ?

Ticket prices Sunday through Thursday cost $29 for children 2 to 15 years old and $39 for adults; Saturday and Sunday tickets cost $35 for children and $45 for adults. Christmas Eve Limited runs on Dec. 24 cost $69 for adults and $55 for children. You can also take 3:30 p.m. rides on selected dates too.

What age is best for the Polar Express train ride?

What ages do you recommend for this experience? THE POLAR EXPRESS Train Ride is great for the whole family. I would say that a it is especially fun for kids 11 and under…and for their parents and caregivers who will get to see the joy they will express during the trip.

What do you do on The Polar Express?

Join us for a magical trip! Once on board, car hosts will work their way through the coach and punch golden tickets before hot chocolate and a delicious cookie are served by dancing chefs. Passengers then read along with the classic children’s book, The Polar Express, by Chris Van Allsburg.

How long is The Polar Express train ride?

2 – 2.5 hours
How long does the experience last? We recommend allowing 2 – 2.5 hours for the whole experience. You are on the train for around an hour and can visit our shop afterwards. Please do not arrive at the park and ride more than 45 minutes before your booked time.

Do you have to wear pajamas on The Polar Express?

What should my family wear? Families are encouraged to wear warm pajamas just like passengers from THE POLAR EXPRESS™ book and film. Passengers will spend time on an unheated platform as they board and disembark from the train, so appropriate winter attire is also recommended.

Do adults wear pjs on The Polar Express?

What should I wear for THE POLAR EXPRESS™? We encourage our guests, young and old to wear pyjamas just as in the book with a dressing gown for good measure also.

Why is The Polar Express creepy?

Ed Hooks, who is an actor who teaches animators, claims that in the case of Polar Express, this creepiness comes from the fact you can’t use motion capture when portraying eyes, meaning they had to be animated separately.

Is Polar Express bad?

The Polar Express movie (2004) is one of the worst Christmas movies ever. 1. The CGI, while relatively good for the train and the scenery, is horrible with faces. As a result, the people all look, well, creepy.