How many batteries does a ClassPad need?

It is powered by 4 AAA batteries which can last for up to 100 hours.

How do you change your picture on ClassPad?

Open the System application, tap System, Ending Screen. Choose the Select Picture File… option. Navigate to the folder containing the desired picture, select the picture and tap Open.

How do I use the ClassPad II?

Reference Guide ClassPad II Press these keys for numbers, basic operations, and the most common variables Tap any icon to select the application. Tap m at any time to return to the menu screen. Tap M at any time to return to theMain menu. Tap to advance to the next page. In any menu application, press k for the onscreen keyboard.

What information can I get from the ClassPad?

When performing a calculation on your ClassPad, you can also get information using the [Help] tab. APR: Nominal interest rate (as a percent) BAL: Balance of principal after PM2 C/Y: Number of times interest is compounded per year Cash: List of income or expenses (up to 80 entries) Cost(Cost/Sell/Margin): Production cost

What are the legal liabilities of Casio?

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How do I enable trigonometric function graphing in ClassPad?

ClassPad initial defaults On the [Memory] menu select [Initial], or tap the [Default] button. Configure settings optimized for trigonometric function graphing On the [Memory] menu, select [Trigonometric]. Display both the x-axis and y-axis in a range of –10 to 10 On the [Memory] menu, select [Standard].