How many calories are in a triple bypass burger?

about 6,000 calories
They estimate that the Triple Bypass Burger has about 6,000 calories, but at the same time, they note that it’s tough to determine just how bad these burgers are. The problem is the burgers are not only cooked in lard, but toppings like bacon are also cooked in lard.

How many calories are in a Heart Attack Grill bypass burger?

According to Heart Attack Grill owner Jon Basso, though, death has been good for his restaurant’s business. We went to eat there and tried the 19,900-calorie Octuple Bypass Burger.

What is a triple bypass burger?

The Triple Bypass Burger contains three slabs of meat, 12 rashes of bacon, cheese, red onion, sliced tomato and the Heart Attack Grill’s own ‘unique special sauce’. And that’s before taking into account the accompanying ‘Flatliner Fries’, cooked in pure lard, and a giant soft drink.

What is the biggest burger at the Heart Attack Grill?

Heart Attack Grill’s Octuple Bypass Burger features 8.5 beef patties, 40 slices of bacon, 16 slices of cheese, a whole onion, two tomatoes and chili. Plus the buns. The towering burger weighs a whopping 6.5 pounds, about four pounds of which is the meat. The Octuple Bypass Burger costs $24.02.

How many pounds is the octuple bypass burger?

The Octuple Bypass Burger has eight patties, which is 4 pounds of meat, 40 pieces of bacon, some chili and, of course, cheese. It’s about a foot and a half tall. It has enough calories in it to last a normal human being about 10 days.

How many calories are in a quadruple bypass burger?

9,982 calories
The Quadruple Bypass Burger with 9,982 calories (41,760 kJ) consists of four half-pound beef patties, twenty strips of bacon, eight slices of American cheese, a whole tomato and half an onion served in a bun coated with lard.

What burger has the most calories at McDonald’s?

The burger with the most calories at McDonald’s is none other than the Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese. It is interesting to note that the Golden Arches doesn’t have a burger that clocks in at 1,000 calories, something that is sadly far too common at fast-food restaurants.

What burger in the world has the most calories?

The Quadruple Burger being one of the biggest burgers at the Grill, has also earned a Guinness World Record for being the world’s “most calorific burger”, weighing 1.36 kilograms with nearly 10,000 calories. Now, a video of Matt relishing the burger in just over four minutes has gone viral on social media.

Is Jon Basso a real doctor?

Basso goes by “Doctor Jon,” but he is not a real doctor.

Do you get spanked at Heart Attack Grill?

Our goal is to get our patients to finish all of their meal, we hope to get the calories in you that you need for the day. We encourage the spankings as the nurses do love it, but we cannot force you to enjoy the full experience. over a year ago. We were explicitly told we’d be spanked if we didn’t finish our burger.

Has anyone ate the octuple bypass burger?

A man ate a 20,000-calorie burger in a record time of four minutes and 10 seconds. Matt Stonie went to the Heart Attack Grill in Las Vegas to participate in the Octuple Bypass challenge. The burger contained 40 slices of bacon, 8.5 patties, 16 slices of cheese, a whole onion, two tomatoes, chilli and buns.

What Mcdonalds burger has the most calories?