How many cities are there in Africa?

Share of Africa’s urban population The 100 cities had a total population of 242.5 million in 2020, out of a total urban population for Africa of 587.7 million. There are thousands of urban centres not in the top 100, whose combined population was 345.2 million in 2020.

What are the most popular cities in Africa?

Cape Town. This coastal city has a tendency to make even the most wanderlust-fueled traveler consider settling down.

  • Marrakesh,Morocco. Score: 87.73
  • Jerusalem. WBA Hall of Fame honoree.
  • Fez,Morocco. Score: 85.00
  • Dubai. Score: 84.81
  • Tel Aviv. Score: 84.76
  • Abu Dhabi. Score: 84.51
  • Petra,Jordan. Score: 84.38
  • Muscat,Oman. Score: 84.27
  • Essaouira,Morocco.
  • What are the 10 largest cities in Africa?

    Lagos,Nigeria. Lagos is the largest city in Africa and is also the most populous city in Nigeria.

  • Cairo,Egypt. Cairo is the capital city of Egypt,the 2nd biggest city in Africa and is the largest city in Egypt in terms of population.
  • Kinshasa,Democratic Republic of the Congo.
  • Alexandria,Egypt.
  • Abidjan,Ivory Coast.
  • Johannesburg,South Africa.
  • What are the names of cities in Africa?

    The capital city of Morocco, Rabat, has been dubbed the “Washington of North Africa”. It earned this because its wide boulevards, parks, monuments, embassies and government buildings reminded many of the US capital. Rabat is also the seat of the Moroccan royal family.

    What are the best African cities to live in?

    Nairobi,Kenya. There’s that amazing part of Kenya you won’t see on TV.

  • Johannesburg,South Africa. Despite recent issues surrounding electricity supply,Johannesburg remains the largest and wealthiest city in South Africa.
  • Luanda,Angola.
  • Abuja,Nigeria.
  • Abidjan,Cote D’Ivoire.
  • Algiers,Algeria.
  • Addis Ababa,Ethiopia.