How many Grandes Exitos does Laura Pausini have?

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What was the name of Pausini’s new song?

On 9 September 2013, Pausini released a new single named ” Limpido ” (in Spanish, “Limpio”), in order to promote her new album. The song is a duet between Pausini and the Australian singer Kylie Minogue. On the same day, the name of the album was confirmed to be 20 – The Greatest Hits.

How is Pausini promoting her new album?

To promote both this new album and her twentieth career anniversary, Pausini will embark in a series of concert shows around the world, entitled “The Greatest Hits World Tour”.

When did Laura Pausini release her first Spanish album?

Following the success of her Italian-language albums Laura Pausini (1993) and Laura (1994), Pausini released an eponymous Spanish-language compilation album in 1994.

When did Pausini release Resta in ascolto?

In October 2004 Pausini released her eighth studio album, Resta in ascolto, and its Spanish-language counterpart, Escucha. Influenced by international artists including Phil Collins and Celine Dion, the recording is on the subject of a break-up and was written in 2002, during her separation from her ex-boyfriend and producer Alfredo Cerruti.

How many Paesi did Laura Pausini conquer?

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What happened to Gioria Pausini?

In the Summer of 2019, Pausini performed 11 concerts throughout Italy, along with Biagio Antonacci, as part of their collaborative show titled LB Stadi Tour. At the end of the tour, she announced a two years-brek from recording music, so she could listen to new melodies, to be with her daughter, and get some inspiration.