How many hits did Whitesnake have?

40 singles
The British-American hard rock band Whitesnake have released thirteen studio albums, nine live albums, twelve compilation albums, three box sets, two extended plays (EPs), 40 singles, nine video albums and 29 music videos….

Whitesnake discography
EPs 2
Singles 44
Box sets 5

What is white snakes most famous song?

Track listing

No. Title From
1. “Still of the Night” Whitesnake, 1987
2. “Here I Go Again” (1987 Radio Mix) 1987 Versions
3. “Is This Love” Whitesnake
4. “Love Ain’t No Stranger” Slide It In, 1984

How many albums have Whitesnake sold?

Whitesnake was released on April 7, 1987, and renamed 1987 in Europe and Australia, and Serpens Albus in Japan. Even though it stalled at the No. 2 spot on the Billboard charts, it stayed there for months, notching up five million sales while other albums came and went. Current total sales are more than 15 million.

Did Whitesnake win any awards?

Whitesnake have been nominated for several awards during their career, including Best British Group at the 1988 Brit Awards….

Genres Hard rock blues rock glam metal heavy metal
Years active 1978–1990 1994 1997 2003–present

Who is the lead singer of Whitesnake?

David CoverdaleWhitesnake / Lead singer

How rare is Whitesnake in a universal time?

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Who was the girl in the Whitesnake video?

Icon Tawny Kitaen
In May, the rock and metal worlds were disheartened to hear that Tawny Kitaen, the model and actress who became a hair metal video vixen based largely off of her appearance in Whitesnake’s “Here I Go Again” video, had passed away at the age of 59.

What is Whitesnake worth?

David Coverdale Net Worth: David Coverdale is an English musician who has a net worth of $18 million dollars. David Coverdale is best known as a member of the rock bands Deep Purple and Whitesnake….David Coverdale Net Worth.

Net Worth: $18 Million
Profession: Singer, Singer-songwriter, Musician, Film Score Composer
Nationality: England

Who is Tawny Kitaen daughter?

Wynter Merin Finley
Raine Finley
Tawny Kitaen/Daughters
Kitaen’s death was confirmed to The New York Times by her daughter Wynter Finley, who told the paper that the cause of death was not immediately known.

Who is Coverdales wife?

Cindy Barkerm. 1997
Tawny Kitaenm. 1989–1991
David Coverdale/Wife

Is Tawny Kitaen still married?

David Coverdale reflected on the death of ex-wife Tawny Kitaen, saying they hadn’t spoken to each other in more than three decades. They married in February 1989 and divorced in April 1991, after Kitaen’s appearance in three Whitesnake videos had helped secure Coverdale’s career.

Who was the girl in Whitesnake video?

Tawny Kitaen

What are Whitesnake’s classic songs?

Whitesnake have had a string of classic songs, such as Fool For Your Lovin’, Is This Love and the Billboard Number 1 Here I Go Again and albums such as the UK Official Albums Chart Top 10s Come And Get It, 1987 and Slide It In. 24.06. 10.11. 26.04. 12.07. 22.11.

Is slide it in on Whitesnake greatest hits?

Whitesnake’s Greatest Hits is a compilation of Whitesnake’s biggest hits from the 1980s. It features hit singles from their albums Slide It In, Whitesnake (the 1987 album) and Slip of the Tongue. The album also contains three tracks previously unavailable in the USA.

How many albums did Whitesnake release in 2016?

Whitesnake performing in 2016. The British hard rock band Whitesnake have released thirteen studio albums, nine live albums, twelve compilation albums, three box sets, two extended plays (EPs), 40 singles, nine video albums and 29 music videos.

When did Whitesnake break up?

The band’s 1989 release Slip of the Tongue was the band’s only other album to reach the US top ten, and the last to be certified by the RIAA (reaching platinum status). Whitesnake broke up in 1991.