How many miles per gallon does a Land Rover Freelander do?

Depending on the model, you can end up spending a lot on fuel. Post-2010 cars are generally more frugal than earlier ones, especially the front-wheel-drive version with the slightly detuned diesel engine; it has official combined economy of 47.2mpg.

What mpg does a Freelander 2 do?

Select engine for more Real MPG information:

Engine Official MPG Real MPG Avg.
2.2 SD4 40.4 mpg 32.8 mpg
2.2 SD4 Automatic 40.4 mpg 31.6 mpg
2.2 TD4 35.8–47.1 mpg 35.2 mpg
2.2 TD4 Automatic 40.4 mpg 31.5 mpg

What is the mpg of a Freelander TD4?

The 2.0-litre TD4 diesel-engined model’s official figure of 36mpg makes for more comfortable reading, and you should see better than 30mpg in daily driving.

What goes wrong with freelanders?

The Freelander seems especially susceptible to developing suspension and steering tracking alignment issues, leading to excessive and uneven tyre wear. Anti-roll bar drop links can also wear out, so if the car feels less than precise on a test drive, that’s most likely the cause.

Are freelanders expensive to run?

Price, fuel economy and range, finance and depreciation Against these rivals the equivalent Freelander’s financial figures generally stack up, without delivering any outstanding reasons to buy it. Its running costs are reasonable and the residuals are strong – but they are never class leading.

Are freelanders reliable?

Also worth knowing: Generally speaking, the Freelander 2 is a reliable SUV easily capable of six-figure mileages.

Is a Freelander permanent 4 wheel drive?

As you would expect from a Land Rover, the Freelander has permanent four-wheel drive, and it will show a clean pair of heels to most off-roaders over the rough stuff.

Are freelanders noisy?

The noise is only prominent on acceleration and deceleration between 10 and 30mph. The noise is a whirring which matches the speed of the vehicle. It sounds similar to road surface noise so its not high pitched. It’s a slighty more rougher sound.

Is a Freelander 1 a good buy?

They make fantastic family cars; give superb vision of the road; are easy to get in and out of if bending is a problem, and perform very well off road. If you are looking to buy any vehicle you should be aware of the problems that tend to be common to that type of vehicle, and Land Rover Freelanders are no different.

Is a Freelander 2 always in 4 wheel drive?

The yellow switch is not for four wheel drive, the Freelander has permanent full time four wheel drive so it is always 4×4.

Are freelanders 4×4?

Most Freelanders are four-wheel drive and come equipped with a clever Terrain Response system (apart from S versions) that adjusts various vehicle parameters to help you when going off road. Provided you’ve got good tyres on your Land Rover, it should go farther than most from the beaten path.