How many offices does MinterEllison have?

MinterEllison is a multinational law firm, and professional services firm, based in Australia. The firm has fifteen offices and operates in five countries.

What is MinterEllison known for?

MinterEllison is Australia’s largest law firm providing legal and consulting services through a global network of affiliated firms and associated companies.

How many employees does MinterEllison have?

approximately 2,410 people
Minter Ellison employs approximately 2,410 people throughout its operations and is administered from its head office in Sydney. Minter Ellison also has international offices in China, United States, Africa, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Mongolia and the United Kingdom.

Is MinterEllison international?

MinterEllison is an international law firm, headquartered in Australia and regarded as one of the Asia-Pacific’s premier law firms.

How many partners does MinterEllison have?

The collaboration amongst our firm partnership is strong, and it was pleasing to welcome our 19 new partners as owners of our business, giving us a bench strength of more than 237 partners across our international network. Our Adelaide and Darwin colleagues were also welcomed to our national MinterEllison firm.

What is a well rounded lawyer?

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What is an O shaped lawyer?

Profile of an O Shaped Lawyer. O Shaped Lawyers are the next generation of lawyers. They are well-rounded people who combine technical competence with a more human, emotionally intelligent approach. These “smarts and hearts” will define the next generation of lawyers entering the legal profession.

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