How many rows does an Airbus A330-300 have?

There are 219 Main Cabin seats on the 330-300’s, arranged in a 2x4x2 configuration.

How many passengers can an Airbus A330-300 carry?

277 passengers
The A330-300 has a range of 11,750 km or 6,350 nmi with 277 passengers, while the shorter A330-200 can cover 13,450 km or 7,250 nmi with 247 passengers. Other variants include the A330-200F dedicated freighter, the A330 MRTT military tanker, and the ACJ330 corporate jet.

Does Airbus A330-300 have power outlets?

Only the economy class of A330-300 has power sockets in the seats.

Which is better A330 200 or A330-300?

#AirbusFact The A330-200 and A330-300 are almost identical in all but length. The only 2 other key differences are that the center tank is activated for increased fuel capacity and an extended fin and rudder on the A330-200. Roberto Garcia and 8,944 others like this. 340-500 is quiter than 330 and flight is so smooth.

Is A330 a wide-body?

With more than 1,500 units sold to 120+ operators, the A330 is the most popular wide-body aircraft. Get to know this versatile family of aircraft, including the newest version of them, the A330neo.

What is the difference between A330-300 and A330 900?

Another thing to note is the A330-900, a successor to the A330-300, can fly almost 2,000 km (almost 1,000 nm) further than the A330-300. Range, however, also depends on an airline. A dense passenger configuration flying more people means an aircraft will have difficulty getting to the maximum edge of its range.

How many seats does an Airbus A330 have?

As a twin-engine widebody that can carry between 250 and 440 passengers, it is flexible enough to offer a variety of seating options while consistently delivering high-quality comfort for all. Its cabin is one of the quietest in the skies, creating a calm, relaxing environment for the entire flight.

How many first class seats does an Airbus A330 300 have?

This aircraft is operated in a four class configuration with 8 First Class suites, 42 flat bed Business Class seats, 21 Premium Economy seats, and 145 standard Economy seats. Featured user comments Read user reviews for Lufthansa Airbus A330-300 (333) Layout 2

What are the different types of Lufthansa planes?

Lufthansa Seat Maps Airbus A330-300 (333) Layout 2 Overview Planes & Seat Maps Airbus A319 (319) Airbus A320 (320) Layout 1 Airbus A320 (320) Layout 2 Airbus A321 (321) Airbus A321neo (321)

What class is lie flat on Lufthansa?

Lie-flat seats in First, and Lufthansa’s new slanted lie-flat beds are in Business Class. While some passengers enjoy the intimacy of the small forward Business Class cabin, there have been reports indicating that this section has slightly less legroom than the main Business Class cabin further back.

What is seat 30A on a British Airways Flight?

Seat 30 A is a standard Economy Class seat that has extra legroom due to the exit however, the close proximity to the lavatories may be bothersome. The tray table is in the armrest, making the armrest immovable and slightly reducing seat width.