How many selective enrollment elementary schools are in Chicago?

11 selective enrollment
Chicago Public Schools has 11 selective enrollment test-in schools, with the top five among the best in the state and even the country. Those schools are Jones, Lane, Northside, Payton, and Whitney Young.

What is on the selective enrollment test Chicago?

The exam, created by Chicago Public School’s Office of Access and Enrollment (OAE), is broken into four sections: math, reading comprehension, language, and vocabulary. The test takes approximately three hours to complete, and the number of questions can range from 40-56 per section.

Can a 4 year old start kindergarten in Illinois?

To begin kindergarten in Illinois, a child should be 5 years old on or before Sept. 1 of the kindergarten year and live within the boundaries of the school district.

How do I prepare for the selective enrollment test?

Test Taking Tips

  1. Practice. Practice, practice, and practice some more.
  2. Focus. Identify where your child is weak.
  3. Ask. Encourage your child to speak up in his/her SelectivePrep class.
  4. Get help.
  5. Check location.

How are tiers determined by CPS?

How does CPS use census data to create tiers? The US Census geographically divides the population into census tracts, which are groups of about 4,000 people who live in close proximity to each other. CPS then classifies each census tract into a tier of 1, 2, 3, or 4 using the following criteria: median income.

How many selective enrollment schools are in Chicago?

11 selective enrollment schools
Chicago has 11 selective enrollment schools designated for academically advanced students: Brooks, Hancock, Jones, Lane, Lindblom, King, Northside, Payton, South Shore, Westinghouse and Whitney Young.

How do I prepare for a selective school exam?

Selective Test Preparation Guide

  1. Determine If Your Child is a Good Candidate for the Exam.
  2. Know the Test Format.
  3. Identify Strengths and Weaknesses.
  4. Mastering Exam Techniques and Reducing Cognitive Load Techniques.
  5. Reading and Writing.
  6. Mathematics / General Ability.
  7. The Day Before the Test.

When will the CPS high school admissions test be available?

The CPS High School Admissions Test will be available to all current CPS students applying to ninth grade on Tuesday, November 9th, 2021. Students will take the exam at their school during the school day.

What is the CPS selective enrollment test for gifted students?

Although the CPS selective enrollment test is not revealed by the school district, it has been best compared to another commonly used test for gifted programs across the country, the Otis-Lennon School Ability Test, or the OLSAT. The OLSAT assesses a child’s verbal and nonverbal abilities that connect to their academic success and achievement.

When will the selective enrollment exam be administered?

The selective enrollment exam is administered during the winter of eighth grade as a component of the selection process for selective enrollment high schools. CPS plans to administer this exam in person as scheduled during the winter of SY2020–21 with proper health and safety protocols in place.

What is selective enrollment elementary school?

Selective Enrollment Elementary Schools, which are designed for academically advanced students in grades K-8, consist of Academic Centers (grades 7-8 only), Classical Schools, Regional Gifted Centers, and Regional Gifted Centers for English Learners. Admissions testing is required in order for students to be considered for these schools.