How many times has Lee Chong Wei win Lin Dan?

He has won 64 BWF titles, second only to Lin Dan’s 66. In his prime years, Lee reached an unprecedented 9 major championships finals (1 Commonwealth Games, 1 Asian Games, 3 Olympic Games, and 4 World Championships) of a possible 11 events from 2008 to 2016.

Who won the 2008 Olympics badminton?


Event Gold Silver
Men’s singles Lin Dan China Lee Chong Wei Malaysia
Men’s doubles Markis Kido and Hendra Setiawan (INA) Cai Yun and Fu Haifeng (CHN)
Women’s singles Zhang Ning China Xie Xingfang China
Women’s doubles Du Jing and Yu Yang (CHN) Lee Kyung-won and Lee Hyo-jung (KOR)

Who won Beijing Olympics 2008?

South Korea defeated Cuba 3–2 to win the baseball gold medal. The U.S. women’s basketball team won its fourth consecutive Olympic gold medal, beating Australia 92–65. Brazil took the gold in women’s volleyball, defeating the United States for the country’s first Olympic win in the event.

Did Lee Chong Wei win Olympics?

Lee is a triple silver medalist at the Olympic Games, and the sixth Malaysian to win an Olympic medal….

Lee Chong Wei
Career record 713 wins, 135 losses
Career title(s) 69
Highest ranking 1 (29 June 2006)

Who had won a gold medal in men’s singles in badminton in the 2012 Olympic game?

Lin Dan
The Men’s Singles Final took place on 05/08/2012 at Wembley Arena, London. Lin Dan (CHN) claimed the Gold with 2:1-Set victory over Lee Chong Wei (MAS).

Who was the first recipient of an Olympic gold medalist in women’s singles in badminton during its Olympic debut?

Mia Audina won her first silver in the 1996 Olympics representing Indonesia, but won her second silver in the 2004 Summer Olympics with the Netherlands, the only badminton medalist to ever win for two different countries….Medal leaders.

Medalist Kim Dong-moon
Olympics 1996–2004
Gold 2
Silver 0
Bronze 1

Could 2011 Lee Chong Wei beat 2008 Lin Dan?

On the other hand, 2011 WC Lee Chong Wei has pretty good shot quality, insane speed, good arsenal of attacks as well as deception in the front court backhand lifts. I think that the 2011 Lee Chong Wei could beat a 2008 Lin Dan simply because he was a more well rounded player in 2011.

Who is Lee Chong Wei’s rival?

Lee and Lin battling in the final of the 2012 Olympic Games The Lee–Lin rivalry was a rivalry between two professional badminton players, Lee Chong Wei and Lin Dan. It is considered a fierce rivalry. Of their 40 meetings, Lin won the head to head battle by 28–12.

What is the Lee Lin rivalry?

Lee–Lin rivalry. The Lee–Lin rivalry was a rivalry between two professional badminton players, Lee Chong Wei and Lin Dan. The rivalry is widely considered the greatest rivalry the world has ever witnessed in the history of badminton. Of their 40 meetings, Lin won the head to head by 28–12.

Was Lin Dan’s 2008 og finals performance the best in MS History?

I know many have hailed Lin Dan’s performance in the 2008 OG finals as one of the best in MS history. However, I feel that he was able to produce such a dominating performance partly because Lee Chong Wei did not really play well in that match.