How much does a DeSoto car cost?

The average price of a DeSoto is $52,000.

How much is a 49 DeSoto worth?

Median Sale

Year Median Sale Sell Through Rate
2020 $28,000 100%
2018 $31,900 100%
2016 $71,500 100%
2012 $11,000 100%

Who bought the DeSoto car company?

More than two million passenger cars and trucks bore the DeSoto brand in North American markets during its existence….DeSoto (automobile)

Industry Automobile
Founder Walter Chrysler
Defunct 1961
Fate Brand discontinued, however, the truck division was sold off to Askam Trucks
Successor Askam Trucks

Are Desotos rare?

The car is rare considering only 687 DeSoto Adventurers were actually produced, with that broken down into 590 hardtops and 97 convertible models. A doctor in North Dakota first owned this exact Adventurer. To bring time into perspective, this was during Lyndon B. Johnson’s first presidential term.

How much is a 1953 DeSoto worth?

Industry Production

#1 DeSoto
1956 Chevrolet (1,567,117) 109,442
1955 Chevrolet (1,704,667) 115,485
1954 Ford (1,165,942) 76,580
1953 Chevrolet (1,346,475) 132,104

When did DeSoto go out of business?

On November 30, 1960, DeSoto dealers were notified by telegram that Chrysler was ending DeSoto production in the United States. DeSoto had been in business for more than 32 years, however, it has left historians with a rich legacy and automotive history that many will always remember.

Why did DeSoto go out of business?

DeSoto enjoyed healthy sales—178,594 in all—even as its rivals struggled. Yet the company was being squeezed from within and without, undercut by more luxurious Chrysler products, increasing competition from established brands like Chevrolet and an upstart called Edsel, and a slowing economy.

How much did a 1957 DeSoto cost?


Vehicle: 1957 DeSoto Adventurer convertible
Number Produced: 300 (1957 convertibles)
Original List Price: $4,272
SCM Valuation: $181,500
Tune Up Cost: $350

What Happened to the DeSoto car company?

DeSoto offered just two models, the Adventurer and Fireflite, in 1960. Chrysler announced its decision to kill the DeSoto on November 19, 1960 and decided to produce a two-door and four-door DeSoto—neither car was given a model name—until it ran out of parts.

How much did a 1954 DeSoto cost?

DeSoto Models The 1954 DeSoto model lineup included the entry-level Powermaster offered as a six- and eight-passenger sedan, a Club Coupe and Special Club Coupe, and a station wagon. Prices ranged from $2,360 to $3,280.

How much is a 1956 DeSoto worth?

Vehicle Valuation Analysis

Bodystyles Median Sale
Convertible Coupe $155,375
Convertible Pace Car $67,500
Sedan $9,075
Sportsman $61,600

When was the DeSoto made?

The first DeSoto automobile was introduced to the public on August 6, 1928. The vehicle sold very well during its first twelve months. The car was named after the Spanish explorer Hernando DeSoto who discovered the Mississippi River in 1541.

Why buy a 1942 DeSoto?

DeSoto’s 1942 models are among the most sought after of the prewar cars for two reasons-their relative scarcity caused by early production shut down for the duration of the war, and their one-year-only hidden headlamps.

What kind of grille does a S7 DeSoto have?

Redesigned for 1940, the S7 DeSoto again featured a split grille motif of horizontal chrome grille bars centered between fender-mounted sealed-beam headlamps.

When did DeSoto start using alligator hoods?

DeSoto launched its Rocket line of bodies for 1941, longer, wider, and with a lower belt line, returning to the alligator-style hood opening first used in ’37. The hood latch was released from inside the passenger compartment to foil battery thieves, as after DeSoto moved it from under the driver’s seat where it had resided since 1929.

What kind of engine does a 42 DeSoto have?

Coded S10, the ’42 DeSoto was again offered in two trim levels-Deluxe and Custom, both available in two wheelbase lengths-121.5 and 139.5 inches. Power came from an engine bored slightly to 3 7/16 inches, displacing 237 cubic inches and developing 115 horsepower.