How much does an Anzio rifle cost?

Anzio 20mm

Anzio 20mm anti-material rifle
Unit cost $11,900
Weight 59 to 130+ pounds (27 to 59+ kg)
Length 80 inches (2 meters)

How much does a 20 mm cost?

Each round of the 20mm ammunition costs $27, so continuous firing for one second would cost $2,970.

How far can a 20mm bullet travel?

Maximum effective range of the 20mm system on the AH-1 is normally listed as 2,000 meters. Fuze functioning and penetration are affected by velocity and angle of impact at all ranges, particularly at ranges in the upper one third of the 2,000 meter value.

How powerful is a 20mm bullet?

Projectiles or shells are typically 75 to 127 mm (3–5 in) long. Cartridges are typically 75 to 152 mm (3–6 in) long. Many but not all 20mm shells have an explosive filling and detonating fuze. As an example, the 20×102 has a 100 gram bullet fired at a muzzle velocity of 1,035 m/s (3,396 ft/s).

Is 20mm Vulcan a destructive device?

As the builder has a stockpile of 90 rounds of M55A2 TP, the same stuff used in the electrically fired Vulcan 20mm cannon, the NFA defined destructive device uses an electrical system constructed of two CR123V batteries and a boost converter that pumps juice into a 320uf flash photo capacitor to trigger the primers.

What is a 20mm Anzio rifle?

Anzio 20mm rifle. It is the first American anti-materiel rifle designed and mass-produced for public sale with a bore diameter in excess of .50 caliber in over 80 years. The rifles are available in three calibers, with the rifle’s predominant chambering being the 20mm Vulcan caliber.

What are the features of the Anzio 20-50 caliber?

Detachable box magazine Available in 14.5mm, 20mm, and new Anzio 20-50calibers Titanium firing pin 5000 yard maximum range Optional weights and configurations Huge amounts of fun Low recoil CALL FOR DETAILS Anzio20mmwith optional handguard shown next to 26″ barreled Anzio 50 Anzio 20mmat 6′ 8″ tall

How much does Anzio ammo cost?

Anzio 20mmat 6′ 8″ tall Training ammo $10 each Tracer ammo $15 each SOLD OUT SOLD OUT + shipping (minimum order required), Call for AP pricing – only limited quantities remaining! Includes: Quick change – Take-down barrel

How reliable is the 20mm ammo?

Flight simulations conducted at extreme temperatures and pressures have proven their reliability under the most severe conditions. The 20mm ammunition family are completely sealed and 100% waterproof. The 20mm M55A2-TP cartridge was the first generation of 20mm training ammunition.