How much does Artas procedure cost?

The exact cost of your procedure will vary depending on your unique needs. On average, patients will spend $10,000 for their treatment. Fortunately, many plastic surgeons, including Dr. Heil, have financing options that make this treatment more affordable.

How much does Artas iX cost?

Is the ARTAS iX™ hair transplant procedure costly? The cost can range anywhere from $7,000 to $18,000. Most hair transplant centers charge their patients per hair graft rather than per session. If you are looking for an effective and painless hair transplant treatment option, Dr.

Is Neograft better than Artas?

Proponents of Artas will say that a robot is more precise and less error-prone than a human. But the data on this is inconclusive. While Artas robotic hair transplants generally achieve a low transection rate, a skillful Neograft technician can achieve an even lower transaction rate.

Is Artas permanent?

Today, ARTAS™ Robotic Hair Restoration is the most advanced hair restoration procedure in the industry. This physician-assisted technology for FUE hair transplant surgery in Pittsburgh provides natural, permanent, and clinically proven results.

Is Artas more expensive?

The ARTAS robotic system is more expensive than the Neograft hair transplantation system due to the technology involved but doesn’t offer any additional options over the NeoGraft system.

Is Artas good?

An ARTAS treatment has numerous advantages over more traditional hair transplant procedures, and for the vast majority of male hair-loss sufferers, it can create a very natural look and the long-lasting results they want.

Is Artas better than manual FUE?

ARTAS is the latest state-of-the-art hair transplant system, and certainly better than automated and hand FUE systems. So let’s look at the comparison. The speed of the ARTAS system is superior to manual FUE, shaving hours off the procedure. Bigger manual FUE cases span over 2 days.

Is Robotic hair transplant better?

“Robotic hair transplanting has a good reputation among hair restoration techniques,” according to Prof. Dr Fuat Yuksel from Longevita. “The ARTAS system improves the performance of crucial steps in the hair transplant procedure. It performs faster and more accurate harvesting of hairs.

Is Artas better?

The ARTAS system provides faster healing times, more consistent grafts, and less room for human error.