How much does it pay to work at McMurdo Station?

McMurdo Station, Antarctica Jobs by Salary

Job Title Range Average
Plumbing Foreman Range:$0 – $0 (Estimated *) Average:$80,000
Police, Fire, or Ambulance Dispatcher Range:$0 – $0 (Estimated *) Average:$66,000
Shop Foreman Range:$0 – $0 (Estimated *) Average:$75,400

How much do you make working in Antarctica?

How much can you make? Your salary would start at £23,937 (about $36,000) per year, with an increase after a year and a 10 percent bonus after completing the 18-month contract. All training, tools, equipment, work clothing and Antarctic accommodations are provided.

How hard is it to get a job in Antarctica?

It’s very very very difficult to make it work, but you can do it if you really try. Working in Antarctica is not meant to give you a travel or tourism experience. It’s mean to WORK to support the operations of the program. Don’t expect special concessions to give you tourist comforts – expect to work your ass off.

How many people work at the McMurdo Station?

The work done at McMurdo Station primarily focuses on science, but most of the residents (approximately 1,000 in the summer and around 250 in the winter) are not scientists, but station personnel who provide support for operations, logistics, information technology, construction, and maintenance.

How much does a janitor make in Antarctica?

Depending on level and skill, people can make anywhere from $350 (i.e dishwashers or janitor) to $1,500 (i.e lineman and pipewelders) a week.

Do you get paid to live in Antarctica?

Rent and board is free for staff — called “expeditioners” — and meals are prepared by chefs. So you’ll be able to save a lot of money, with workers on Antarctica being paid a special allowance of $60,974 per year, on top of their base wage.

Do you pay taxes in Antarctica?

The IRS does not consider Antarctica extraterritorial, so U.S. tax law applies. For further information, you can contact the IRS (

Is there a Mcdonalds in Antarctica?

There are over 36,000 McDonald’s locations all over the planet, and the chain is on every continent except Antarctica.

What happens at McMurdo station?

Scientific research is performed at and near McMurdo in aeronomy, astrophysics and geospace sciences, biology and ecosystems, geology and geophysics, glaciology, geomorphology, ice cores, and ocean and climate systems. Participants of the Antarctic Artists and Writers Program also work at sites near McMurdo Station.

What are the health requirements to work in Antarctica?

After receiving an offer of employment, you must pass:

  • A pre-employment background check.
  • A pre-employment drug screen.
  • Stringent physical and dental examinations.
  • A psychological examination (winter season only).

Are there any business in Antarctica?

The majority of the population are scientists and researchers, along with their families. However, there are also people with regular jobs, like carpenters, shoemakers, metalworkers, kitchen chefs, and others who support the normal life of the inhabitants. Mining is forbidden in Antarctica.

What does the Antarctic Support Contract team do?

The Antarctic Support Contract team provides station operations, logistics, information technology, construction, maintenance and more on Antarctica and at support facilities worldwide. Click on the links to visit our partners, learn more about specific opportunities and apply for open positions.

Does the Antarctic Fire Department have any available positions?

The Antarctic Fire Department is currently seeking qualified applicants for the following available positions:

What does an telecommunication technician do in Antarctica?

Telecommunications Technician, Sr. – McMurdo, Antarctica (Au… Perform maintenance and repair of all inside and outside cable plant at USAP stations. The position is responsible for the maintenance and troubleshooting of… More…

Can I deploy to Antarctica with AfD?

The AFD is currently seeking personnel to deploy to Antarctica on a contract basis for various periods of time starting in August each year. There are three contract lengths: Year-Long – (Approximately) October through October. The AFD seeks PRIMARY & ALTERNATE employees to fill all contract positions.