How much is a 2006 Springdale camper worth?


Suggested List Price Average Retail
Base Price $21,182 $10,700
Options (Add)
Total Price $21,182 $10,700

What is a Keystone Springdale 1760BH?

This new, 2021 Keystone Springdale Mini 1760BH, is ideally suited for the camping family that is looking for a fun, lightweight camper. This fully-loaded single axle travel trailer is ready to be towed to your favorite campsite or fishing spot. Lightweight, fuel-efficient, and easy on the checkbook.

How much does a 2006 Springdale camper weight?

Used 2006 Keystone RV Springdale 269RLLS

Sleeps 6
Ext Width 8 ft
Ext Height 11 ft
Hitch Weight 555 lbs
Dry Weight 5750 lbs

What does a 2006 Keystone Outback weigh?

5275 lbs

Sleeps 6 1
Length 25 ft 10 in 8 ft
Ext Height 9 ft 11 in 385 lbs
Dry Weight 5275 lbs 1725 lbs
Fresh Water Capacity 50 gals 40 gals

How long is a keystone Springdale travel trailer?

21 ft 5 in

32 Floorplans Select a Year 2021 2022 1740RK New Floorplan Compare 260BH Compare
Length 21 ft 5 in 28 ft 10 in
Height 10 ft 2 in 10 ft 6 in
Tire-Size ST225/75R15E ST205/75R15D
Fresh Water 27 gal 52 gal

How much does a 2007 Keystone Springdale weight?

2007 Keystone Springdale 266RELLGL

Overall Height (ft/in) 11′
Overall Width (in) 96
Trailer Length (ft/in) 28′ 10″
Unloaded Curb Weight (lb) 5950
Max Cargo Carrying Capacity (lb) 1775

How does Keystone measure travel trailer length?

From the center of the pin to the rear of the bumper is the advertised “length”. The spare tire, mounted on the bumper, extended about 6-8″ past that.

How tall is a Springdale travel trailer?

10 ft 2 in

32 Floorplans 2021 2022 1740RK New Floorplan Compare 280BH Compare
Length 21 ft 5 in 32 ft 11 in
Height 10 ft 2 in 11 ft 3 in
Tire-Size ST225/75R15E ST225/75R15E
Fresh Water 27 gal 52 gal

Does a travel trailer length include the hitch?

The measurement information provided by travel trailer manufacturers just includes the length of the trailer unit itself and doesn’t include the tongue, hitch, or tow vehicle. Therefore, the overall length of the entire setup requires multiple measurements: the interior, exterior, and overall length.

Does length of trailer matter?

The biggest factor to consider when towing a long trailer with a short wheel base tow vehicle is trailer sway. There is no standard ratio for wheelbase to trailer length, but the general rule is a longer trailer and a shorter wheelbase will increase the severity of trailer sway.

Does Keystone make Springdale campers?

Travel Trailers For many of you, Springdale will be your very first Keystone RV. For this reason and more, Springdale RVs are built to captivate with more functionality, more storage, more conveniences, and more clever features.

How long is the tongue of a travel trailer?

There is a diminishing return to increasing tongue length, so find your optimum based on the size of the trailer and your balance with the disadvantages. Many designers make tongues at 30″ to 36″.