How much is a membership for the Museum of Science in Boston?

Basic 8 $180.00 Free Exhibit Halls Admission for 8 people every visit.

Is Boston Museum of Science worth it?

Whether you live in the New England area, or are planning a trip to Boston with kids, it’s absolutely worth a visit. It’s one of the largest science centers that I’ve visited, with something for everyone.

Is the Boston Museum of Science free?

The Museum of Science is located at 1 Science Park in Boston and is a fun and interactive museum for all ages. Admission to the exhibits at the Museum of Science is regularly $29 for ages 12+, $25 for ages 60+, and $24 for ages 3-11. Children under 3 are free.

How long does it take to go through Boston Museum of Science?

4-7 hours.

Is the Boston Museum of Science for adults?

Adult Events Everyone has so much fun with all the interactive exhibits.”

Is Boston Museum of Science good for toddlers?

Believe it or not, the Museum of Science is a place to be enjoyed by kids of all ages! There’s a little something for everyone.

How long should I spend at the Boston Museum of Science?

3-4 hours
It will take 3-4 hours to see everything and this will be a totally awesome experience.

How much is parking at the Boston Museum of Science?

Museum Garage Fees

Time Nonmembers Premier members
1/2 hour – 1 hour $15.00 no charge
1 – 2 hours $17.00 no charge
2 – 3 hours $19.00 $12.50
3 – 4 hours $21.00 $14.50

Is the Boston Museum of Science good for adults?

I went to an adults-only function there years ago and it was GREAT. They have some hands-on exhibits and it’s tough for an adult to really participate when there are tons of kids competing with you for a ‘turn’.

Is the Museum of Science included in CityPASS tickets?

Save time researching. Only the best attractions, like Museum of Science, are included in CityPASS tickets. Rest assured you’re going to see the best Boston has to offer. Some amenities, experiences and exhibits may be temporarily unavailable.

Why should I purchase a membership to the Boston Museum of Science?

Whether sharing an enriching educational experience with your child, entertaining family and friends at Boston’s most visited cultural institution, or spending a Friday night viewing a temporary exhibit, membership is the best way to enjoy the Museum of Science.

How do I Reserve a museum pass?

Reserve most museum passes online in Tixkeeper, opens a new window. We allow patrons to reserve passes over the phone (with a library card number) and in person. You are also welcome to use our computers to make a reservation.

Does the Museum of Science Exchange member email addresses?

The Museum of Science never exchanges or sells member email addresses. From time to time we collaborate with other not-for-profit organizations to offer special promotions and interesting opportunities to our members. In such cases, we may exchange member names and postal addresses.