How much is a purebred deer head Chihuahua?

What is the price of a deer head Chihuahua? The price of a Chihuahua is usually somewhere between $350 and $2,500. A good breeder will usually charge at least $700 and perhaps much more, depending on the pedigree of the dog. If you’re concerned about the price, then you may want to consider adoption from a shelter.

How much is a Chihuahua in Texas?

Depending on the size, parents, and its quality, puppies range in price from $1,250 to $2,250. As you welcome home your new Chihuahua in Texas, you can be confident in their health with up-to-date vaccinations, initial health certificate, and registration.

Are deer head Chihuahuas nice?

Feisty and playful. Confident, protective, and affectionate towards their owner. Stubborn and alert. If you are looking for a tiny companion and furry sidekick, the Deer Head Chihuahua is a good place to start.

How long do deer headed Chihuahuas live?

Breed Characteristics
Size: 8-12 inches
Lifespan: 14-16 years
Coat: Long or smooth coat
Color: Fawn is most common, but also silver, white, black, and gray

What is the difference between an apple head Chihuahua and a deer head Chihuahua?

Deer head Chihuahuas usually have longer heads, necks and legs than their apple head counterparts do. Deer head versions are generally longer and leaner than apple head Chihuahuas. The eyes of apple head Chihuahuas typically appear more pronounced, given the shape of their heads.

How big will a deer head Chihuahua get?

Deer head Chihuahuas are generally larger in size than their apple head counterparts. They can stand up to a foot tall and weigh up to 10-12 lbs, which is roughly twice as much as apple heads weigh. Their legs and necks are longer as well, giving them a more elegant appearance.

What is a micro Chihuahua?

Teacup Chihuahuas are pure-bred Chihuahuas that are smaller than average. They aren’t technically their own breed or anything of that sort. Instead, they are tiny Chihuahuas that are marketed as “teacup” or “micro.” Usually, these dogs are only about 6″ tall when full grown and weigh around 3 pounds.

What is a blue Chihuahua?

A Blue Chihuahua can have Chihuahua parents that are tri-colored, fawn, or black and tan. If both mother Chihuahua and father Chihuahua carry the recessive blue gene, then there is a possibility that one or more of the puppies in the litter will be a Blue Chihuahua.

Are deer head Chihuahuas loyal?

Deer head Chihuahuas are fun loving, energetic, affectionate, and will be very loyal to their owners. But, they won’t suit every home. They need owners that can commit time every day to training, socialization, and exercise. Even though they’re small, they have a lot of energy that must be worn off.

How big will my deer head Chihuahua get?

7 Fun Facts About This Breed The Chihuahua is the world’s smallest dog breed. In a mini or teacup size they can be as small as three to six inches tall! Deer Heads are larger than most Chihuahuas and cannot be bred for a miniature or teacup size.

Are deer head Chihuahuas healthier than apple heads?

Some who are familiar with the breed consider deer head Chihuahuas to be the more relaxed of the two. Most Chihuahua authorities believe that the deer-headed variety is less susceptible to health problems than their apple-headed counterparts.

Which is better apple head or deer head Chihuahua?

Is my Chihuahua an apple head or deer head?

This is because the apple head shape is the actual authentic head formation of the Chihuahua breed. The apple head used to be the most common, but now most pet Chihuahuas are deer head. This type is obviously called an apple head because of its apple shape.

How much for a deer head Chihuahua cost?

However, These little Deer Head Chihuahua puppies do not come cheap! The cost of these little chi’s are around $400 to $1,200. Before buying go for adaptation, contact your nearby wet if he knows about someone who wants to give the little fury for adoption, also you can search on the internet for adaptation.

What are facts about deer head Chihuahuas?

Handle With Care. The deer head Chihuahua,smallest in the toy group,with its delicate,fragile body structure needs a lot of love and care.

  • Know Your Deer Head Chihuahua. The Chihuahua breed have common traits; however,every chi is unique and stands out individually.
  • Physical Traits.
  • Weight.
  • Lifespan.
  • Color and Coat.
  • Temperament.
  • What is the smallest breed of Chihuahua?

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