How much is a tailored suit in Phuket?

Suit: $200 – $400. Blazer: $150 – $350.

Can you get clothes made in Phuket?

Phuket is famous for offering an extensive selection of cheap tailor shops, particularly in the main tourist resorts like Patong. While these tailors are adept at producing copies of clothes in magazines, you get the best results by bringing a suit or shirt you want them to duplicate.

How much is a tailored suit in Thailand?

5,000 baht to 50,000 baht
Tailored suits in Bangkok cost anywhere from 5,000 baht to 50,000 baht. The low price doesn’t always mean low quality. Many tailor shops in Bangkok keep prices down by doing all the work in the house. For a good quality tailored suit, the average price is between 10,000 and 20,000 baht.

How long does suit Tailoring take?

How quickly can a suit be tailored? A suit can be tailored in a few days, even in a few hours if the store has the bandwidth. However, typically there is some wait and you should expect to wait 2 days all the way up to 2 weeks if the store is busy.

How long does it take to make a suit in Thailand?

Originally Answered: how long does it take to make a suit in bangkok? It can take as little as 24 hours, however, it’s best that it’s made over 3–5 days so that it can be fitted properly. Some shops have suits which have been made for customers who have failed to pick them up.

When should a groom get his suit?

Ideally, ordering your suit 4-6 months out is what we recommend. This gives the groom and the wedding party plenty of time to get their suits, try them on, and get any necessary in-person alterations made.

How expensive is it to get a tailored suit?

How much should a good quality custom tailored suit cost you? Well, funnily enough, it’s about the same as a regular priced off-the-rack suit: $500 to $800 range: Good quality. $800 to $1,200 range: Very good quality.

How much does it cost for a bespoke suit?

It’s typical for an entry-level bespoke garment to start at over $2000, whereas you can theoretically spend over $10,000 if you get a handmade three-piece suit made from a high-end, specialty fabric. On average, bespoke suits cost between $3000-$5000.