How old is Deepak?

75 years (October 22, 1946)Deepak Chopra / Age

What is the real ID of Deepak Joshi in Instagram?

D E E P A K J O S H I (@deepakjoshi. 102) • Instagram photos and videos.

How old is Deepak Joshi Instagram?

Deepak Joshi was born on 10 April 2004 in Sirohi, Rajasthan, India. Now Deepak Joshi Age is 17 years old as of 2021. His Father Name is Ramesh Joshi, his Mother’s Radha Joshi, and his Sister’s Name Diya Joshi. He is Professional Tik Tok Star, Social Influencer.

How many Instagram followers does Deepak Joshi have?

Answer: D E E P A K J O S H I has 2,796,789 followers on Instagram.

Who is Deepak’s wife?

Rita ChopraDeepak Chopra / Wife (m. 1970)

Who is Deepak’s daughter?

Mallika ChopraDeepak Chopra / Daughter

Who is GF of Deepak Joshi?

Deepak Joshi Wiki, Bio (Age, Height, Weight)

Full Real Name Deepak Joshi.
Girlfriend(s) Akriti Agarwal.
Fiancee/Wife None.
Mother Radha Joshi.
Father Ramesh Joshi.

Is Angel Rai and Deepak Joshi married?

Is angel rai married to Deepak Joshi? No, the wedding video of Angel Rai and Deepak Joshi which is going viral on the internet is a shoot of a music video. Angel Rai is not married.

What is the age of Riyaz Ali?

18 years (September 14, 2003)Riyaz Aly / Age

Does Deepak Chopra have a daughter?

What is the meaning of Deepak?

Deepak (दीपक) is a Hindi word meaning lamp from Sanskrit source of light. Deepak is the symbol of bright future. In the twentieth century, it became very popular as a first name for male Hindus.

Are Priyanka and Deepak related?

Not everyone with the same last name is related. Rosie O’Donnell learned that the hard way this week when she accidentally told Priyanka Chopra she knew her father, Deepak Chopra. Unfortunately for O’Donnell, the two are not related.