How old is Jerzy Dudek?

Jerzy Dudek (Polish pronunciation: [ˈjɛʐɨ ˈdudɛk]; born 23 March 1973) is a Polish former footballer who played as a goalkeeper.

How old is Henryk Dudek?

Jerzy Henryk Dudek (Polish pronunciation: [ˈjɛʐɨ ˈdudɛk]; born 23 March 1973) is a Polish former professional footballer who played as a goalkeeper.

What happened to Christian Dudek?

Dudek lost his starting position to new acquisition Pepe Reina in 2005–06, following an arm injury, only making 12 more appearances for the Reds in the following two seasons combined (eight in the league).

Why did Dudek wear 25 at Real Madrid?

Dudek refused to wear the 13 shirt for two seasons after arriving at Real Madrid, stating that Polish goalkeepers generally do not use 13; the numbers 1, 12 and 22 are traditionally used. He therefore took number 25 as it was the next best thing while Codina wore 13 until his departure.

49 years (March 23, 1973)Jerzy Dudek / Age

However, no move materialised, and with former teammate Jordi Codina leaving to join Getafe, the 36-year-old accepted a new one-year deal extension, while also speaking about his contentment.

Is Jerzy Dudek a legend?

A Liverpool hero who made his debut 18 years ago. After 186 games for club which included 78 clean sheets and multiple trophies means he left a legend. Jerzy Dudek moved to the Reds from Feyenoord in 2001.

Where is Dudek now?

He currently works as a UEFA ambassador travelling around Europe promoting the Champions League and the European Championships.

How tall is Jerzy Dudek?

6′ 2″Jerzy Dudek / Height

What does Dudek mean?

Dudek is a surname of Slavic-language origin (meaning “hoopoe”).

What number was Dudek at Liverpool?

Goalkeeper: Jerzy Dudek (No. 12 jersey.

Was Dudek a good keeper?

It would be an overstatement to say that Dudek was always reliable at Liverpool, especially during their Premier League struggles in the early noughties. But the man’s penalty saves in the 2005 Champions League final ensures he’ll forever be remembered as a club legend. And that’s fair enough.

Where does the surname Dudek come from?

Dudek is a surname of Slavic-language origin (meaning “hoopoe”). The Czech/Slovak feminine form is Dudková.

What is the origin of the name Dudek?

Polish, Ukrainian, Czech, and Slovak: nickname from dudek ‘hoopoe’, with reference to some attribute of the bird such as its repetitive call or its bright plumage. In Polish the word also means ‘simpleton’ and this no doubt contributed to the Polish surname.

Did Dudek ever captain Liverpool?

He made his final appearance for Los Merengues on 21 May 2011 on his retirement from football, in an 8–1 home win over Almería, and was substituted in the 77th minute to a guard of honour from his Real Madrid teammates….A more detailed look at the player’s appearances.

Apps Minutes Opponent
1 90 Millwall
1 90 Juventus

Who is the best goalkeeper in Liverpool?

Alisson Becker has cemented his position as one of world football’s most formidable goalkeepers since joining Liverpool in 2018. He arrived at Anfield from AS Roma and was integral to the Champions League and Premier League triumphs in 2019 and 2020 respectively.

Who is the best goalkeeper in Liverpool history?

goalkeeper Pepe Reina
Current goalkeeper Pepe Reina is arguably the best goalkeeper Liverpool FC have ever had.

How many times did Artur Dudek play for Poland?

Dudek played 60 times for Poland – the second most- capped player in his position for several years – representing the nation at the 2002 World Cup . Born in Rybnik, Dudek began playing football at twelve for Górnik Knurów.

What was Jerzy Dudek’s last game for Real Madrid?

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