How to become a writer?

Initially, exist two writing steps. The first is to come up with an idea for your new book and offer it to publishers. If she is good-looking for them, they will make a contract with you in the future and will take on most of the hassle of producing and distributing the book. You will need to write a brilliant text. The manuscript can be sent through publisher sites. Choose to send an application to large and reputable companies.

The second step to become a writer includes writing of a book and trying to sell it by yourself via the Internet. In this case, you will need e-commerce skills. In the second case, the income can be significantly higher than in the first. Major minus of the second approach – you have to invest your own money in the creation of a book as a product and its promotion.

Learning role

It seems to many that if you read quite a lot, then this is a guarantee that you can write well. But, as people helping writers become authors, we may say that no one will play the piano after attending someone else’s concert; no one will learn to draw after viewing the album with reproductions of great artists. The same thing happens in the field of literature: if we desire to learn about how to write, we need to go through the training stage.

Theory and practice

Like any art form, literature is based on clear rules. Some writers learn them intuitively – and this takes years, but the same amount of information can be obtained much faster – from textbooks.

Of course, theory alone is not enough: practice is imperative. We all start from scratch: we learn letters, we put words into sentences, – but someone stops development at the level of a school essay, and someone goes further. You may also try to work as a freelancer for the first time – you should simply search for academic writing jobs on the Internet space.

What about success in literature?

The golden rule of success: your every piece should be better than the previous one. Then, sooner or later, you will reach your goal – simply because you don’t go the distance. This can be achieved only in one case – if you passionately love your job. Love not just to write, but to grow above yourself and constantly learn new things.

Survival in the art market

If you ask a writer question like:” How to be a writer?” – he will say that master does not work for money, not for glory – he works out of love. But art always takes a lot of time, and the author has to solve an eternal dilemma: if you make money, then there is no time to write for real, and if you write and not earn, who will feed your family?

What does a beginner author require to know?

Today the book marketplace is full of books: it has more books and writers than it can consume. Therefore, to highlight from the others is extremely difficult. You will spend years writing the so-called book of all your life, in months, if not years, you will add it to a publishing house, and it will be released in a circulation of three thousand copies and dissolved in the book flow. So, iron nerves are an absolutely necessary quality for a writer: otherwise one cannot survive in this profession.

It would seem that small fortune to publish a tiny circulation for ridiculous money. But for a beginner to get into print is not easy at all, even if he has a great manuscript. The only thing that will help him is knowledge of the publishing market. Then he will act with the exact calculation, knowing who and under what conditions can buy the rights to his work– it’s all about being a writer.

The skills of a businessman are also very important. A manuscript is a product and you must be able to sell it. And not only the publisher, but also the reader. If you do not actively promote your work, it is quite possible that only employees of book stores and several hundred random buyers will learn about its existence.

What about a real job?

There, on the world marketplace, exist following types of writing jobs:

  • Speech writer
  • Technical writer
  • Columnist
  • Screen writer
  • Book editor and so on.

Of course, the choice is yours and you should rely on your own preferences and on the relevance of the job you desire.

Don’t waste your time and begin to move right now!