How to clear cache on Kodi?

1 From the Kodi Home Screen scroll down and click Add-ons. 2 Click Program add-ons. 3 Select your installed Kodi Wizard. 4 Choose Cleaning Tools. 5 Click Clear Cache. 6 Click Clear Cache again. 7 Kodi will show a message with the number of files removed and your cache is now clear! More

How to free up space on Kodi thumbnails?

Easiest way to clear Kodi thumbnails cache to free up space. 1 Step 1: Backup Kodi folder. This is a safe procedure if you follow the procedure to the T. But if you have any space left on your device, I recommend 2 Step 2: Delete Kodi Texture Database. 3 Step 3: Delete Kodi Thumbnails Folder.

How do I clear my Kodi thumbnails?

In short, all you need to do is: Just to be clear, cleaning the video and music library after removing files from your library does not clear Kodi thumbnails cache. This process only cleans the Kodi database. There are addons that clean Kodi cache (not the same as thumbnails cache).

How to fix Kodi not working?

There is no harm in clearing up the default cache to fix kodi not working, as it frees up space allowing other add-ons to use it to create buffer for video playback, giving you an excellent streaming performance. Kodi will at one point automatically clear the video cache in case it needs the space for its add-ons.

Are You having a black screen issue on Kodi?

Are you having a “black screen” issue on Kodi? It could be due to app cache, high refresh rate, corrupt addons.db, or hardware acceleration. Let’s solve it!

How to fix Kodi buffering?

With this addon you can delete temporary files, thumbnails, packages, create backups but most importantly you can also edit your Kodi cache settings in order to fix Kodi buffering! The best thing about this: The Open Wizard can be installed just like any other addon.

How to clear cache in indigo and Ares Wizard on Kodi?

– 1. Add Source URLs of Indigo and Ares Wizard – 2. Enable “Unknown Sources” Option – 3. Install Indigo and Ares Wizard – 4. Clear Cache in Indigo and Ares Wizard Why You Have to Clear Cache on Kodi? Without a doubt, Kodi Media Player, armed with various add-ons, is literally all-powerful.