How to use LVDS TFT-LCD display with Cubieboard?

To use a LVDS TFT-LCD display with Cubieboard is very simple job. There are two main activities do to: Connect the LVDS to Cubieboard. Configure script.bin for LVDS display. For this example I will use a CHI-MEI G070Y2-L01 800×480 LED backlight TFT-LCD.

Why choose lcedi connectors?

User-Friendly Design. Our LCEDI connectors feature new technology for an interconnection between notebook LCD panels and main processor boards, using micro coax cables at 2.7Gbps (or discrete wire AWG 32 or smaller).

What is the LCD_VT and LCD_HPB?

Vertical sync total cycle (lcd_vt) is the same as 2* vertical period in the datasheet which is = 1050 at 30Mhz Horizontal back porch (lcd_hpb) is the same as 2* vertical blanking in the datasheet, which is the difference between 2* vertical period and the 2* vertical active time (1050-1000) which is = 50, 25 is used as an approximate value.

What is the I-PEX cabline-vs 16 x 9 Connector?

These connectors are licensed by I-PEX CO., LTD. and are fully compatible and intermaetable with the I-PEX CABLINE-VS series, selected by the Video Electronics Standard Association (VESA) as the global standard for LED backlight, 16 x 9 interface.

What is common pinout?

EVERVISION’s Common pinout can provide our customer not only with convenience that using same board to light up varied LCM, but also with reduction of time and cost. LCM from 5’’ to 10.1’’ are able to attach RGB interface or LVDS Interface, which driven by 3.3V single power (include Analog, Gate High, Gate Low , Common, Gamma, etc.).

What type of connectors are used in the CMOS/LVDS connector?

The CMOS/LVDS connection on DPG2 and DPG3 uses two AMP/Tyco 1469169-1 connectors, placed side-by-side, with 139.2mil spacing between the centers of the innermost pins on both connectors. The mating connector on the evaluation board side is two AMP/Tyco 1469028-1.