Is Arjun Maini still racing?

Your browser does not support the audio element. This is Maini’s second season in the DTM and he will continue racing a Mercedes-AMG GT3. Arjun Maini will continue to be a part of the Mercedes-AMG motorsport roster this year.

Who is the faster racer in India?

Leading this change of mindset in India is the 27-year-old Kalyani Potekar. Kalyani Potekar is the fastest Indian motorcycle racer. She recently achieved this tag after completing a lap of the prestigious Buddh International Circuit in just 2.08 minutes, going past her previous best of 2.16 seconds.

What happened to Arjun Maini?

Arjun Maini currently competes in the Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters (DTM). He previously drove in the FIA F2 championship with limited success. Back in 2018, Maini had an emotional meltdown on the team radio after a poor qualifying in the sprint race.

Is there any Indian F1 driver?

As of 2021, there have been two Formula One drivers from India.

Who is best car racer?

It is no wonder that Mario Andretti is considered by many to be the greatest racecar driver of all time. His career touched five decades, longer than any driver, and he has won championships at all levels of competition. His list of racing accomplishments seems almost endless.

Who is the runner of India?

Ram Singh Yadav (born 7 November 1984) is an Indian marathon runner….Ram Singh Yadav.

Personal information
Occupation Havildar (Indian Army)
Sport Track and field
Event(s) Marathon

Who is the best sprinter in India?

Taranjeet Kaur, India’s Fastest U-23 Sprinter, Fails Dope Test; Faces Four Year Ban. Taranjeet Kaur won 100m and 200m gold medals in the National U-23 Championships last year clocking 11.54s and 23.57s respectively. Before that, she had also won a gold and silver in National Open Championships.

What happened to Arjun Maini in 2018 france?

Back in 2018, Maini had an emotional meltdown on the team radio after a poor qualifying in the sprint race. On the team radio after the race, Maini said: “I swear you guys don’t support me at all. I do everything every ****ing session!” “You can’t do this to me, mate!

What happened with Maini?

The Trident Formula Two team have apologised to their driver Arjun Maini after team mate Santino Ferrucci was banned for four races for deliberately hitting him.