Is Dell selling EMC?

Acquisition by Dell announced its intent to acquire EMC in a cash-and-stock deal valued at $67 billion, which has been considered the largest-ever acquisition in the technology sector.

Does Dell still own EMC?

Dell took on $48.6B in debt to acquire the storage giant Dell’s 2015 decision to buy EMC for $67 billion remains the largest pure tech deal in history, but a transaction of such magnitude created a mountain of debt for the Texas-based company and its primary backer, Silver Lake.

Is Dell spinning off VMware?

Dell Technologies (NYSE: DELL) has completed the spin-off of its 81% equity ownership of VMware Inc.

Is Dell going to sell VMware?

– Nov. 1, 2021 – VMware (NYSE: VMW) and Dell Technologies today announced the completion of the spin-off of VMware from Dell Technologies.

Why do customers choose Dell EMC?

Dell EMC PowerStore achieves new levels of agility and operational versatility for today’s cloud-mobile IT infrastructure. Using a containerized software architecture, PowerStore takes the best modern storage technology and eliminates the typical tradeoffs in performance, scalability and storage efficiency.

What is the difference between Dell Technologies and Dell EMC?

Dell Inc. is now Dell Technologies. Dell founder and CEO Michael Dell in May announced that the tech vendor would change its name as it pursued buying storage data vendor EMC and its family of federated companies in a massive deal worth around $62 billion.

Who owns Dell EMC?

Dell TechnologiesDell EMC / Parent organization

What happened with Dell and VMware?

Dell Technologies will shed its 81 percent stake in publicly traded VMware, creating an independent software company with a stock market value of nearly $64 billion. Dell’s remaining hardware operations have an implied value of $33 billion, based on its latest share price.

Does Dell EMC own VMware?

VMware became part of Dell when the latter bought EMC in 2016. Dell paid $67 billion for the acquisition of EMC. The deal ranks as the tech industry’s single most expensive acquisition to this day.

Is VMware splitting from Dell?

Dell will shed its 81% stake in VMware, creating an independent software company with a stock market value of $64 billion, Financial Times reports. The separation from Dell will free VMWare from Dell’s focus on corporate data centers and give it more freedom to invest and make acquisitions focusing on cloud computing.

What is Dell Power store?

PowerStore is Dell Technologies award winning1, revolutionary storage appliance that’s designed for the data era. It provides your customers with a data-centric, intelligent, and adaptable infrastructure solution.

What did Dell announce at Dell Technologies World?

Dell made several storage-first announcements at Dell Technologies World. Like the partnership with Snowflake to leverage on-site storage for Snowflake’s cloud-oriented execution model, some bridge concerns about moving data to the cloud.

What’s new at Dell?

Beyond these announcements, Dell released a slew of software updates spanning nearly all its storage products. The company delivered more than 500 feature enhancements to the Dell PowerStore, PowerMax, and PowerFlex products.

What do Dell’s latest storage updates mean for the Enterprise?

Beyond cloud integration, the slew of updates across Dell’s storage portfolio are focused on cyber-security, data protection, performance, and simplified manageability. Each of these directly impacts an enterprise’s ability to protect and extract value from its data. Storage administrators will be pleased with what they find.

What is project Alpine for Dell EMC?

Project Alpine brings the entire software functionality of a Dell EMC storage platform to a virtual machine running somewhere in the public cloud.