Is Drolet a good brand?

Question: Is Drolet a good wood stove brand? Answer: Yes, Drolet is one of the top rated brands with a rich inventory of wood stoves in the USA and Canada. All of their stoves are EPA certified(under 2.5 g/h particulate emission) and offer good efficiency.

Where is Drolet wood stove made?

High Efficiency Wood Stoves Made in Canada | Drolet.

Can you cook on a Drolet stove?

Its high-performance design allows for even cooking in the stainless-steel oven, which sits at an ideal height for easy handling of your dishes. The Bistro is also equipped with an air damper, to control combustion and regulate the cooking temperature.

How heavy is a Drolet wood stove?

525 lb

Fuel type Dry cordwood (16″ recommended)
Steel thickness-body 3/16″
Steel thickness-top 5/16″
Warranty Limited lifetime
Shipping weight 525 lb (238 kg)

Who makes Drolet wood stove?

Stove Builder International
The Drolet brand is manufactured under the company name of Stove Builder International. It is a family-owned manufacturing enterprise with its roots in Canada. The company now has its headquarters in Saint Augustin De – DeSmaures and a subsidiary branch has also been established in Quebec (Canada).

Who makes Drolet stoves?

Which is better catalytic or non-catalytic wood stove?

You can still use a non-catalytic wood stove as a primary heating source and get long burn times, high efficiency ratings and warm a large area, however catalytic wood stoves offer extended burn times and a more stable heat output when compared to the non-catalytic versions.

Are hybrid stoves worth it?

A: To achieve longer burn times and higher efficiency than non-catalytic stoves. If you compare the burn rate and efficiency from each stove’s official test data, you will find the hybrid stove to be unquestionably superior.

Are Ashley Wood Stoves any good?

It blows very little air, the stove heats just as good without the blower. Very disappointed in the blower that comes with this stove. You would think when you make a quality wood stove that you would also put a quality blower system on it as well.