Is Ford Expedition a 7 seater?

The base Expedition seats up to five people. Cloth upholstery and an eight-way power-adjustable driver’s seat are standard. All other trims have a power-folding third row and can hold up to seven or eight passengers, depending on whether they have captain’s chairs or a bench seat in the second row.

Does Ford Expedition have 3rd row seating?

There is space for accommodating up to 5 people in the base Ford Expedition. An 8-way adjustable driver’s seat and cloth upholstery are standard. Other trims of the Ford Expedition feature a power-folding 3rd-row. They can accommodate up to 7-8 passengers.

How many passengers can a Ford Expedition carry?

eight passengers
This 4-door SUV comes with standard advanced driver-assist technologies, best-in-class towing capacity and accommodates up to eight passengers comfortably with plenty of room for cargo.

Does Ford make an 8 passenger vehicle?

Best Eight-Passenger Full-Size SUV: 2021 Ford Expedition It continues to rule with a powerful twin-turbo V-6 capable of easily moving the regular or extended-length Expedition Max. There is plenty of room for people and gear, and this behemoth SUV is surprisingly spry for its size.

Which is bigger Ford Expedition or Chevy Suburban?

The Suburban has an overall length of 224.4” and wheelbase of 130”, while the Expedition is just 210” long and has a wheelbase of 122.5”. The Suburban also outshines the Expedition with its 31-gallon fuel tank, compared to 28 gallons on the Expedition.

Is a Ford Expedition a truck or SUV?

2022 Ford Expedition Review The 2022 Ford Expedition is a large SUV that sits at the top of Ford’s SUV lineup. It’s a traditional truck-based SUV, meaning it has more in common with the Ford F-150 than with crossovers like the Ford Escape and Explorer.

Does Ford Expedition have 2nd row bucket seats?

Every 2019 Ford Expedition comes standard with eight-passenger seating, which means standard bench seating in both rear rows. However, second-row leather captain’s chairs are optional for the mid-grade Limited and top-trim Premium trim levels.

What is the difference between a Ford Expedition XLT and Limited?

The XLT has everything you want in a modern ride, including all-encompassing infotainment and driver safety aids. The Limited steps up your Expedition game with luxurious extras, including leather-trimmed seats and ambient lighting. But you have to be willing to spend a little extra to enjoy these features!

Does the Ford Expedition have 2nd row bucket seats?

Can you take out the middle seat in a Ford Expedition?

To remove the middle seat in a Ford Expedition, you’ll just need to unscrew a few bolts. To remove the middle seat: Remove the bolt covers located on the seat’s rails under the middle seat. Using a socket wrench or ratchet, unscrew the bolts holding the rail to the floor of the car.

Does Ford have a 7 passenger vehicle?

2018 Ford® Flex Full-Size SUV | Spacious 7-Passenger Seating |