Is Ham House English Heritage?

Ham House is helping its historic River Thames neighbour with a special delivery of hay, as part of English Heritage’s Marble Hill Revived programme.

Why is it called Ham House?

Ham’s existence was first recorded around 1150 and the name derives from the Old English hamm, which here meant ‘land in a river bend’. Henry V acquired the manor of Hamme Upkyngeston in 1415, bringing the village into a closer relationship with the royal estate at Richmond upon Thames.

What was ham house used for?

The Long Gallery was part of the original 1610 house, but was extensively redecorated in 1639 by William Murray. It has been used as an exercise space as well as a gallery to showcase portraits of family and important royal connections.

What has been filmed at Ham House?

Ham House was used as the film location for: Anna Karenina (2012) Ballet Shoes (2007) Cambridge Spies (2003)

Why is ham house closed?

We’ve sadly taken the decision to close our parks and gardens, in addition to our houses, shops and cafés, to help restrict the spread of coronavirus. We know that people are likely to need space and fresh air in the coming weeks and months and we will do all we can to provide access wherever possible.

Who gave Ham House to the National Trust?

A gift from the king William, and later his daughter Elizabeth, transformed Ham into the house we see today; a rare 17th century survival of luxury and grandeur.

Does anyone live at Ham House?

This sumptuous Stuart mansion near Richmond-upon-Thames is now home to the 38-year-old and his lawyer wife, Faye.

Does anyone live in Ham House?

Is Ham House in the congestion zone?

Ham House is outside of the London Congestion Charge zone.

Are National Trust properties open in January?

The garden and tea-room are open from 10am everyday except Christmas Day and Boxing Day. The house is open from 12noon daily.

What borough is ham in?

London Borough of Richmond upon Thames
Since 1965 Ham has been mostly in the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames. The rest is in London Borough of Kingston upon Thames.

Which areas of London are in the congestion zone?

London’s Congestion Charge Zone covers the following areas:

  • Barbican.
  • Bloomsbury.
  • Borough.
  • Charing Cross.
  • City of London.
  • Clerkenwell.
  • Covent Garden.
  • Euston.