Is Hunza water alcohol?

It is the name many foreigners and local tourists use to refer to Araq (A moonshine brewed locally in Hunza). But in actual, it is not true. Hunza water is just a drinking water and not an alcohol.

What are the health benefits of drinking alkaline water?

However, there are several incredible health benefits to drinking alkaline water that have been scientifically proven and we are here to share them with you.

  • Improve Bone Health.
  • Soothe Acid Reflux.
  • Reduce High Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar, and Cholesterol.
  • Enhance Hydration.
  • Increase Longevity.

What is Hunza salt?

HUNZA crystal salt is one of the purest and primal salt on the planet, excavated from salt mines situated at the Karakoram mountain range near Pakistan. This unique salt is naturally enriched with almost 80 minerals and trace elements essential for human body.

What do the Hunzas eat?

The Hunza diet consists of a series of selective food and drink intake practiced by the Hunza people of northern Pakistan that is argued by some to be unique and have long lasting effects. The diet mostly consists of raw food including nuts, fresh vegetables, dry vegetables, mint, fruits and seeds added with yogurt.

Is Hunza water wine?

In several rural districts of Pakistan, particularly in the mountainous regions, local people have been making homemade wines since centuries. ‘Hunza Water’ is the generic name given to a wide variety of local wines and spirits prepared from grapes, mulberries, apples and apricots in Gilgit Baltistan.

What is the literacy rate of Hunza Valley?

The literacy rate of the Hunza valley is more than 95%.

Are Hunza people healthy?

The Hunza tribe, also known as the Burusho people, are the healthiest and the happiest people on this planet. They reside in the high lands of the Himalayas and are famous across the world for their life expectancy and their anti-aging.

What fruits grow in Hunza?

Different types of fruits are grown in Hunza, most common of which are apples, apricots, grapes, peaches etc. Cherry and Apple is one of the most popular fruits of Hunza Valley.

What is the climate of Hunza Valley?

Climate The climate in Hunza is moderate during summers. The temperature in July-August reaches a maximum of 31 °C in Central Hunza. If you are looking for a much temperate summer climate during your holidays, spend more time in Gojal Valley (Upper Hunza) because it remains much cooler even in summers.

What are the health benefits of Hunza?

Hunza reduces mental fatigue, sluggishness, poor concentration and forgetfulness. Good for pilots and drivers. Hunza lowers risk of Cognitive Decline by Nearly 50%. Introduction: Most people think that water is the same everywhere with minor differences.

Why is Hunza water so special?

As water flows from glaciers to the mountains, it is believed that Hunza water is filled with a large number of minerals, which is reflected in its lower surface tension and unique blue-green color. Also, it is alkaline – meaning it has a higher pH than the water you’re likely to drink every day.

What is Hunza powder?

Hunza Powder supplies Free Electrons to fuel, energize, alkalize and cleanse every organ in the body.   In the form of Activated Silica Hydride, Hunza has an alkalizing, energising and antioxidant effect to make Hunza Water.

What does the activator in Hunza water do?

Basically, a specific “activator” reduces the size of the nutritional elements of Hunza water. However, it doesn’t compromise the actual nutrition – it just makes it more compact, thus easier for the body’s cells to receive. Lower surface tension.