Is Juice Plus a waste of money?

Juice Plus+ is a multilevel marketing company selling fruits and vegetables that they have reduced to a powder and put into capsules. It’s clever marketing using deceptive advertising. There is no scientific evidence that it benefits health.

Why Juice Plus is not good for you?

Take a look at the nutrition label—it contains one vitamin, one mineral, comes with lots of added sugar, and has a disclaimer that it’s not a good source of fiber. Compare Tang’s label to the label of the featured product for Juice Plus+. It even has the same disclaimer as Tang, stating it’s not a good source of fiber.

How much is Juice Plus+ per month?

Fruit & Vegetable Blend Capsules Juice Plus+ Fruit and Vegetable Blend capsules help you bridge the gap between what you should eat, and what you do eat, every day. From $ 54.00 /mo.

Is Juice Plus still around?

Founded in 1970 by Chairman Jay Martin, The Juice Plus+ Company has grown from a small, direct-sales company into a highly successful, privately held health and wellness company operating in more than 20 countries today.

How can I get Juice Plus for free?

Now, the Healthy Starts for Families program is currently enabling children, ages 4-18 or enrolled as a full-time undergraduate college student, to take Juice PLUS+ free for up to FOUR years, as a part of their family’s participation in the study.

Does Juice Plus cause liver damage?

On the basis of the timing of her elevated liver function test results, the Juice Plus+ supplement was deemed the most likely causative agent of the patient’s liver injury, and it was discontinued.

How much do Juice Plus reps make?

Juice Plus’ Sales Rep compensation is $19,076 more than the US average for a Sales Rep. Sales Rep salaries at Juice Plus can range from $30,000 – $350,000. The Sales Department at Juice Plus earns $5,610 more on average than the Marketing Department.

What is the side effect of Juice Plus?

Side Effects of Juice Plus Most reported side effects are mild. According to a review of studies published in the Internet Journal of Nutrition and Wellness in 2013, some subjects reported gastrointestinal stress and others reported a hive-like rash.

How many Juice Plus Plus gummies a day?

Directions: Adults consume four chewables every day. Children consume two chewables every day.

Can you lose weight on Juice Plus?

Juice Plus isn’t likely to help with weight loss. Whole fruits and vegetables contain lots of water and fiber, which is what makes them filling and low in energy density. This is why they’re helpful for people trying to lose weight.