Is Mahala a Native American name?

In Native American the meaning of the name Mahala is: Woman.

Is Mahala a Cherokee name?

The second source of this name is the woman’s name Mahala (pronounced mah-hey-lah) or Mahaley, which was fairly common among the southeastern Indian tribes (Cherokee, Choctaw, Chickasaw, Creek, etc.)

Is Mahalia an Indian name?

Name Mahalia is of Hebrew origin and is a Girl name.

How do you pronounce the name Mahala?

  1. Phonetic spelling of Mahala. Ma-hala. Maa-HHAA-Laa. ma-ha-la. m-uh-H-AA-l-uh.
  2. Meanings for Mahala. It is a Hebrew feminine name.
  3. Translations of Mahala. Russian : Магала Hindi : महला में

What does Mahala stand for?

The name Mahala is girl’s name of Hebrew origin meaning “tender”. An interesting and rhythmic name often heard in the Native American community; in fact,in the Gold Rush era in California and Nevada, it was so common that it became a generic English term for a Native American woman.

What does mean Mahala?

The word Mahala or Mahalla is used in many languages and countries meaning neighborhood or location originated in Arabic محلة mähallä, from the root meaning ‘to settle’, ‘to occupy’ derived from the verb halla (to untie), as in untying a pack horse or camel to make a camp.

What language is Mahala?

Is Mika a Native American name?

Native American Meaning: In Native American the meaning of the name Mika is: Intelligent raccoon.

What nationality is the name Mahala?

What does the name Malia mean?

The name Malia is primarily a female name of Hawaiian origin that means Bitter, Of The Sea. Hawaiian form of the name Mary.

Is Mahala a boy or girl name?

Mahala as a girl’s name is of Native American origin meaning “woman”.

Is Mahala in the Bible?

Mahala was a daughter of Zelophehad in the book of numbers, and its built-in nickname (Hala) is a pretty way to shorten the three-syllable name. Naamah: The name meaning “pleasant” in Hebrew appears more than once in the Old Testament. Some consider her to be a wife of Noah, while others refute that interpretation.

What does Mahala mean in Hawaiian?

What does Mahala mean in Hawaiian? “Mahalo” is a Hawaiian word meaning thanks, gratitude, admiration, praise, esteem, regards, or respects. According to the Pukui and Elbert Hawaiian Dictionary, it is derived from the Proto-Polynesian *masalo.

What is the meaning of the name Mahala?

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What does Mahala mean?

Tlingit: gunalchéesh‎

  • Turkmen: sag boluň‎,spasiba‎
  • Ume Sami: gijtuov‎
  • Võro: aiteh‎
  • Livonian: tienū‎
  • Sanskrit: अनुगृहीतोऽस्मि‎,धन्यवादः‎
  • Yiddish: אַ דאַנק‎,אַ דאַנק דיר‎
  • Abkhaz: иҭабуп‎
  • Zulu: ngiyabonga‎
  • Urdu:دھنیہ واد‎ (dhanya-vād),شکریہ‎ (śukriyā),نوازش‎ (nevāziś)
  • Is Mahala a Hawaiian name?

    The name Mahala is a girl’s name of Hebrew origin meaning “tender”. Aloha is the most Hawaiian word. In the Hawaiian language, it can mean hello or goodbye. The word aloha is used in a combination with other words, such as aloha kakahiaka, which means good morning;