Is Mega Blaziken good?

Mega-Blaziken stands out as the strongest Fire / Fighting type in the game, utilizing Trick Room and Speed Boost well depending on the conditions. He is not OHKO’d by many possible moves on switches and can OHKO specific threats with ease.

Is there a mega evolution for Blaziken?

Blaziken can Mega Evolve into Mega Blaziken using the Blazikenite.

What tier is mega Blaziken?


Type Fire Fighting Strongly resists: Bug Resists: Dark Fire Grass Ice Steel Weak to: Flying Ground Psychic Water
Abilities Speed Boost This Pokemon’s Speed is raised 1 stage at the end of each full turn on the field.
Tier Uber

Is Blaziken good competitively?

Blaziken makes a great lead for offensive-oriented teams due to a combination of great Max Moves and its Speed Boost Ability.

Who is stronger Charizard or Blaziken?

Answers. Blaziken has somewhat higher attack than Charizard with a fair bit lower bulk. Probably pretty situational which would be better but I agree that Blaziken is worth a mention if Charizard is. Flareon is like the best of both, almost Charizard’s bulk, higher atk than Blaziken.

Is Blaziken banned?

Blaziken Becomes First Pokémon Banned to BDSP Ubers.

When can you mega evolve in Oras?

Mega Evolution is a special type of evolution that can only be performed by a small group of Pokemon in Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire. For a Pokemon to Mega Evolve, you must give a specific Mega Stone to the Pokemon. It is then used in tandem with a Mega Bracelet to mega evolve a Pokemon during battle.

How do you get mega Blaziken in Omega Ruby?

Mega Blaziken | Blazikinite

  1. If starter Pokemon, you’ll get the Mega Stone on Route 120 from Steven.
  2. Route 114 Stone Salesman.

What is the best held item for Blaziken?

Life Orb is the preferred item to grant Blaziken as much power as possible.

What is the best Moveset for Blaziken in Oras?

56 Answers

  • Hone Claws – Stats, and goes amazingly with this set.
  • Blaze Kick – Not perfect accuracy, but has good power and a chance to flinch.
  • Hi Jump Kick – Awesome power, but lacks accuracy, that is fixed by Hone Claws.
  • Stone Edge or Earthquake – More Hone Claws abuse, or good coverage.

Who is the god of fire Pokemon?

Moltres is the powerful pokemon of fire pokemon. That’s why it is called the God of fire pokemon.

Is infernape better than Blaziken?

Blaziken is the slower of the two (an ok base 80 spd vs infernape’s great base 108 spd) however, with speed boost, blaziken increases its speed every turn, outspeeding infernape after a single turn. Give it protect and youre guaranteed a boost, so that makes blaziken the superior at that point.

Can Mega Blaziken ohko Mega Salamence?

Mega Salamence: Mega Salamence can outspeed and OHKO with Double-Edge if Mega Blaziken has not obtained a Speed boost. Even then, Mega Salamence is able to take an unboosted Stone Edge and OHKO back with Facade or Earthquake. However, with Stealth Rock up, Mega Blaziken can OHKO Mega Salamence with Stone Edge.

What Pokemon can Mega Blaziken ohko?

Stone Edge allows Mega Blaziken to OHKO Ho-Oh, as well as OHKO Mega Salamence and Lugia with Stealth Rock up after boosting its Attack with Swords Dance.

How good is Mega Blaziken?

Mega Blaziken ‘s great ability in Speed Boost makes it faster every turn, eventually letting it outspeed the entire metagame and making it a pretty good sweeper. This also makes it difficult to revenge kill, since it is usually faster than everything after one Speed boost.

How do you beat toxapex with Mega Blaziken?

Earthquake is an option that allows Mega Blaziken to take on Toxapex, which would normally check it. A basic EV spread and an Adamant nature are used to let Mega Blaziken deal as much damage as possible while also outspeeding multiple threats such as Modest Choice Scarf Xerneas and Yveltal after Mega Blaziken is at +1 Speed.