Is the 2014 Yamaha Bolt a good starter bike?

The Yamaha Bolt is a great starter bike; it’s 942cc air-cooled, fuel-injected, v-twin motor, comfortable stance, high-grade road habits, and fresh bobber style make the Yamaha Bolt a good, solid choice for beginners to grow into and progress on.

How much horsepower does a 2014 Yamaha Bolt have?

54 hp
As mentioned above, the 2014 Yamaha Bolt borrows its air-cooled, fuel-injected, 942cc V-twin engine from the V-Star 950. Producing 54 hp and 59.3 lb-ft of torque, this unit displays lovely character and its highly flexible nature makes it easy to exploit from just 1,500 rpm.

What CC is a 2014 Yamaha Bolt?

The Yamaha Bolt or Star Bolt is the US name for a cruiser and café racer motorcycle introduced in 2013 as a 2014 model. It has a 942cc air cooled 4-stroke, 4-valve SOHC V-twin engine.

How fast is a 2014 Yamaha Bolt?

It’s ideal for long journeys and can easily maintain a top speed of 85 to 90 mph for an extended period. In terms of reliability and performance, the Yamaha Bolt gives a good average and is durable enough to last at least 100,000 miles.

How fast is a Yamaha Bolt?

Top Speed: 106 mph (Est.)

Is the Yamaha Bolt comfortable?

The riding position of the Yamaha Bolt is comfortable, obviously. Your feet are up and in front of your torso, with your knees at a right-angle. Not stretched out like on a cruiser with floorboards, but it’s definitely more foot-forward than a Triumph Bonneville.

Is 2014 Yamaha Bolt fuel injected?

Based on the V Star 950 platform, the Bolt is powered by a fuel-injected, 58-cubic-inch (942cc), air-cooled, 60-degree V-Twin mounted in an all-new double-cradle frame that uses the engine as a stressed member.

Is Yamaha Bolt fuel injected?

A sophisticated twin-bore fuel injection is used on the Bolt R-Spec to deliver strong acceleration for the ultimate in urban riding fun. Precise 3D maps for ignition timing and fuel injection enhance performance in the mid- and low-speed ranges.

Is the Yamaha Bolt heavy?

Because we’re going to talk about how the bolt rides and compare it with many other motorcycles, I want to cover the specs of the Yamaha Bolt, the base model….Base specs of the Yamaha Bolt.

Part Yamaha Bolt Specs
Wet weight 245 kg (540 lb) (R-Spec 247kg/549 lb)
Front suspension 41mm forks, 135mm (5.3) in travel

Is Yamaha Bolt good for long distance?

Re: Long distance riding on the Bolt Picked up my bolt last month, so far my longest cruise was only a 150 mile round trip, but for the most it was a good time. Seems my only concerns was the comfort of the stock seat, made my hindside go numb. Also a bit of vibration in the handlebars.

Do Yamaha bolts have abs?

Simplicity: The Yamaha Bolt is a very simple motorcycle. Air-cooled, belt drive, naked chassis, non-adjustable forks. It doesn’t even have ABS or even two discs (for better or worse). It’s easy to work on, too, with wide service intervals.

Is the Yamaha Bolt water cooled?

The Yamaha Bolt (and its associated models, like the SCR950) are the only air-cooled Yamaha motorcycles you can buy new these days. The Yamaha Bolt has been a popular retro bike for Yamaha. It’s based on the same air-cooled engine as in the V-Star 950, but the Bolt is a lot cooler!