Is the Bible Reliable?

Of course, the central issue of biblical reliability is whether Jesus Christ is the supernatural, risen Son of God, as the Gospels and the rest of the New Testament proclaim. If he is, then Christianity is true and the Bible’s most important and astounding claim is true.

What does reliability mean in the Bible?

Let’s first consider the meaning of reliable. In short, reliability means something is trustworthy. It can also mean that something is consistently good in its quality. In reference to the Bible, reliability has to do with whether or not what it contains – from ideas to history to geography and more – is trustworthy or not.

What is reliability of ancient writings?

Reliability is a question of truthfulness and accurate copying. Writings that are historically and factually correct and that have been faithfully preserved over time would be considered reliable. Higher levels of historical verification and better confidence in transmission make it easier to determine whether an ancient work is worthy of trust.

Is the Old Testament reliable in its claims?

Because, if the New Testament is reliable in its claims, then Jesus is who He claimed to be – God in the flesh, substantiated by His resurrection from the dead. As such, His remarks about the Old Testament are likewise reliable.

How accurate is the New Testament?

Comparing the incredible amount of manuscript evidence has shown that the New Testament is 99.5% accurate, and the vast majority of differences are in spelling or minor copyist errors. Most importantly, you should know that not a single variation in these thousands of manuscripts has been shown to affect a theological issue in any way.

How can we have confidence in the original Bible?

While there are undoubtedly differences among the manuscripts, we can have confidence that they stayed true to the originals because the copies themselves are so close to one another, despite being written at different times and in different places. 2. Archaeology Supports the Biblical Record