Is the fur on Pyrenex real?

Among our models of down jackets for women, the Authentic Jacket Soft is one of our all-time favorites, a flagship model of the Pyrenex collection, available in several colors. You will also appreciate its hood lined with real fur that will protect you from the cold. This jacket also exists with synthetic fur.

What is the fur on a Pyrenex coat?

Pyrenex natural filling is composed of goose and duck feathers and down in varying proportions, depending on the use and the desired effect of the finished product. In fact, feathers and down have different physical structures which give them specific properties which can be suited to each person.

Is Pyrenex a designer brand?

Go outdoors and explore with the Pyrenex clothing brand. This carefully curated collection at Designerwear provides the perfect example of refined yet innovative menswear. You’ll find Pyrenex men’s coats in various designs, including the much celebrated and cosy down jackets.

Is Pyrenex French?

Our bedding range is entirely Made in France in our Pyrenex factory located in Saint-Sever.

Are Pyrenex coats waterproof?

Combined with modern, stretch, water repellent or waterproof fabrics, each Pyrenex women down jacket offers natural protection and breathability no matter your activity, whether in the city or in the mountains.

Is Pyrenex waterproof?

Who is Pyrenex?

Pyrenex is a French clothing company specialising in the use of down and feathers. Founded in 1859 the business has passed down through the Crabos family for over 150 years. Since then they have continuously produced the highest quality down products available.

Who made Pyrenex?

Abel Crabos
Abel Crabos – now the great grandfather of the company – started the Pyrenex movement by collecting feathers from markets and farms around his village, in the foothills of the Pyrenees. His son Rene quickly joined the family business in the 1860s.

Are Pyrenex coats unisex?

Unisex and oversize designs of our Vintage range will bring you a trendy look, whatever the seasons or weather. At Pyrenex, our know-how and pride focus on natural protection against cold and humidity.

Are Zavetti Canada coats waterproof?

Zavetti Canada takes advantage of the elements to create collections inspired by fashion heritage, fit for the outdoors. Featuring insulated inners, faux fur-lined hoods and water-resistant fabrics, the Zavetti Canada collection of men’s jackets has your outerwear covered.

When was Pyrenex founded?

Pyrenex is a French clothing company specialising in the use of down and feathers. Founded in 1859 the business has passed down through the Crabos family for over 150 years.

What size is 40 in Pyrenex?

WOMEN (cm)

SIZE BUST (cm) HIP (cm)
38 86-90 92-96
40 90-94 96-100
42 94-98 100-104
44 98-102 104-108

What is Pyrenex?

Mid-length men down jacket, matte fabric, natural filling and removable genuine fur. Women down jacket, removable hood, shiny fabric and natural upcycled down. Pyrenex is officially labelled “Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant” by the French Ministry of Economy and Finance.

What is Pyrenex down jacket?

Women’s long down jacket made in France in limited and signed series, Pyrenex “Legend” down filling, ultralight (540gr) and warm. Women’s long coat, ultra protective in natural French down. Women’s down jacket with integrated belt.

What kind of clothes does Pyrenex offer?

Ultralight men down gilet, natural filling. Durable men t-shirt with Pyrenex logo, fitted cut and organic cotton. Brushed fleece men pullover, round neck and organic cotton.