Is the Giant Trance 29 a good bike?

Overall, the Trance 29 is a quick and snappy descender. It’s not my top choice for steep and rough trails, but on smooth, fast, and rolling terrain, it’s one of the best out there.

How heavy is the Giant Trance 29?

Giant Trance weight Giant claims the carbon Trance 29 frame weighs in at 2,495g (with a Fox Float DPS shock), while the alloy Trance 29 frame weighs 2,968g (with the same shock).

How good is giant trance?

Overall, I’ve really enjoyed my time on the Giant Trance X. It’s a hugely fun and capable bike, but does have some limitations. I can’t help thinking that by adding a bigger, 29in front wheel, Giant could improve things even further, without damaging the fun factor at its core.

What is the difference between giant stance and Trance?

The biggest difference between the Trance and Stance is the suspension design. Whereas the Trance uses the more complex multi-pivot Maestro suspension platform, the Stance elects for a much simpler single-pivot platform that Giant calls ‘FlexPoint’.

What kind of bike is a Giant Trance?

29er trail bike
Equipped with a 150mm travel fork and 135mm of rear travel, the Trance X is a chunky 29er trail bike that will be squeezing its way into the Giant lineup in between the current Trance 29 and Reign 29.

How much does a Giant Trance weigh?

29.4 pounds
I just weighed and ripped my Giant Trance Advanced and I am blown away by the bike in all aspects. A size large with pedals installed weighs 29.4 pounds, which is lighter than my expectations. You can feel how light and agile the bike is from the beginning.

What type of MTB is a giant trance?

How much is the Giant Trance 3?

The Trance 3 won’t keep up with similar bikes while riding downhill or sprinting….2020 Giant Trance 3.

RRP $2,100
Wheels 27.5″
Groupset SX Eagle
Brakes Hydraulic Disc
Seatpost Dropper post

What kind of bike is a Giant Trance 3?

short travel trail bike
The Trance 29 3 is a zesty short travel trail bike that has a notably lively and playful attitude and versatile downhill performance.

Does the Giant Stance 29 have a dropper post?

Testing the Giant Stance 29 2 There’s no dropper post, which affords a clutter-free cockpit.

How much travel does a Giant Stance have?

2021 Giant Stance

RRP $1,800
Travel 120mm rear, 130mm front
Frame Aluminium
Fork Giant Crest 34
Wheels 27.5″

How many gears does a Giant Trance have?

It is impressive that bikes in this price range are coming equipped with 12-speed drivetrains, and the Trance 29 3 has SRAM’s SX Eagle setup. The 11-50-tooth cassette pairs with the 30-tooth chainring to provide a huge gear range, plenty low for the steepest of climbs.

Is the giant anthem 29er a good descender?

After spending some quality time with the Anthem 29er, it’s clear that Giant has returned the Anthem to is unapologetic racing roots. The handling is precise and that flickable rear end still tracks well through tight uphill corners, but when the trail points down it’s a confident descender too.

Are giant’s Fathom 29 bikes good?

Rider and reviewer feedback propped the Fathom 1 and 2 as very well specced for their price bracket – an overwhelming plus for the Fathom 29 line, as far as we’re concerned. The Fathom 29 1 and 2 confirm Giant’s position as the preeminent manufacturer of high-value bicycles.

What is the best 29er bike for long rides?

Giant’s 2021 Fathom 29 line is a great way to tool up for those longer, harder rides you have in mind. And you’ll have plenty of cash left over for accessories! Who Is This Bike For? Fathom 29 1: For the MTB enthusiast ready to step into a modern 29er hardtail and hit the trails and backcountry with confidence.

Do You Remember the Giant Trance X 29er?

Despite its short shelf life though, the Trance X 29er had a huge impact – we remember seeing them everywhere at the time, and these days it’s not uncommon to see those polished silver and white frames still being battered around the trails. Remember the original Giant Trance X?