Is the t500rs better than the T300RS?

Based on my research it seems the T500 is more powerful, but the T300 is more refined.

Whats better T300 or T500?

Yes, the T500 is stronger, but the T300 is much smoother. Ich would buy the T300 bundle with the alcantara Ferrari wheel and the t3pa pedals.

Whats the difference between T300RS and T300RS GT?

The T300RS GT Edition builds on the T300RS package and reinforces it for aggressive driving. The T300RS GT Edition is manufactured with a metal base, whereas the original T300RS base is made of plastic. The wheelbase features the Thrustmaster Quick Release system that allows you to swap the wheel for other designs.

What pedals work with T300RS?

Compatible with Thrustmaster T3PA, T3PA-PRO and T-LCM Pedals pedal sets (sold separately) Officially-licensed PlayStation product, compatible with PS4 and PC.

Will T300RS work on PS5?

The T300RS is an officially-licensed PlayStation product, and is compatible with PS4 and PC. Works with PS5 games (PS5 games compatibility has been tested and endorsed by Thrustmaster.

When did the T300RS come out?

The generic branding likely means the wheel is targeted to buyers of Drive Club, Sony’s new first-party driving on the PS4, set for North American release on October 7, 2014. The T300RS goes on sale August 15, 2014 for €369.99; pricing in other regions has yet to be released.

Does the T300RS work on PS5?

Does the Thrustmaster T300 have force feedback?

The Thrustmaster T300 RS is a high-end force feedback wheel, the fully PS4-optimised brother to the Thrustmaster T300 GTE.

How do I connect my Thrustmaster T300RS to PS4?


  1. Plug your steering wheel when the PS4™ menu appears (for T300 & T80, the base’s switch must be put to the PS4 position before connecting the USB plug)
  2. For T300 & T80 (only) press the “PS” button on the wheel and connect your wheel to your PROFILE.

What is the best gaming steering wheel for PS5?

  1. Thrustmaster T300 RS GT. Best Racing Wheel.
  2. Hori Racing Wheel Overdrive. Best Budget Racing Wheel.
  3. Thrustmaster TMX Racing Wheel. Best Xbox Series X/S Racing Wheel.
  4. Thrustmaster T248 Racing Wheel. Best PS5 Racing Wheel.
  5. Fanatec CSL DD. Best PC Racing Wheel.
  6. Logitech G923.
  7. Fanatec GT DD Pro Express Version.

What pedals come with the Thrustmaster T300RS GT?

The biggest news for the ‘Thrustmaster T300RS GT Edition’ is the implementation of the metallic 3 pedal set with the accelerator, brake and clutch pedal: this was the most requested feature by users of the previous ‘Thrustmaster T300RS’. Accelerator and clutch pedals are adjustable in height and spacing.

Is Thrustmaster T300 RS GT good?

The T300RS GT Edition is a great wheel for the money, and if you’re after the beginnings of a middle-range racing sim set up, it’s a fantastic place to start. Build quality is sturdy, and the inclusion of a three pedal setup and quick release wheels means you can add and change parts of this system as you go along.

Which is better Thrustmaster t300rs or t500rs?

Thrustmaster T300RS vs T500RS Seems like Thrustmaster T300 is having smoother and more agile features than the T500, and it can make up for the less powerful motors. And the T300 is better on the wheelbase especially for you who do not need the pedals and do not want the paddle shifters to be fixed.

What’s the difference between T300 and T500 wheels?

t300 always smoother than t500 but while participating on VLN 4 hours racing, the ffb was gone after 30 minutes of usage and the ffb meter never clip during the race. I notice the T500 wheel looks larger in diameter than the T300 – is it really larger?

Is the T300 RS GT Edition Wheel any good?

It is a weaker motor in the T300 so your review sounds about right. Still stronger than the G27/29 and other budget wheels though. I just got a T300 RS GT edition wheel today. Wanted to see what all the fuss was about compaired to my T500 RS GT edition.

Should I buy the T300 or wait for T300?

And the T300 is better on the wheelbase especially for you who do not need the pedals and do not want the paddle shifters to be fixed. However, T300 still have some early teething troubles that can be a risk that the next one also has problems.