Is the VA doing away with sleep apnea?

Under the current rating schedule, VA issues ratings at 0, 30, 50, 100 percent for sleep apnea even if treatments are effective at dealing with the condition. Currently, if a veteran uses a CPAP machine, they will receive a 50 percent rating.

What is the highest VA disability rating for sleep apnea?

This is the most severe and the highest rating available. 50 percent: the veteran requires the use of a breathing device, such as a CPAP machine. 30 percent: the veteran is experiencing hypersomnolence, or excessive daytime sleepiness, that does not improve with sufficient sleep or even with naps during the day.

Is it a mandatory 50% if issued a CPAP by the VA?

50 percent: The veteran requires the use of a breathing assistance device, such as a CPAP machine. 30 percent: The veteran is experiencing persistent daytime hypersomnolence (i.e. a condition characterized by chronic daytime sleepiness that does not improve even with sufficient sleep).

Why do so many veterans have sleep apnea?

All forms of sleep apnea can be problematic for veterans. Many cases are not related to obesity, poor health, or aging. Instead, they are related to neurological or physical damage suffered during service. They could also be the result of substance abuse.

What is the VA disability increase for 2022?

In 2022, VA payments will increase 5.9%, the biggest increase in over 40 years. Due to high inflation caused by the pandemic, the Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) increased 5.9%. COLA is determined each year by the Social Security Administration.

What is the vasrd?

The VASRD is a living document that is updated and revised as often as necessary by either a modification to VA policy, legislation, or the addition of new information based on research or other data.

Does the vasrd apply to the VA and the DoD?

The majority of the VASRD applies to both the VA and the DoD, but because of the differences in their rating systems, some rules have to be applied differently. Also make sure you look over the VASRD Principles page and the Musculoskeletal Principles page so that you can understand exactly how to rate your conditions.

Are extra-schedular evaluations for veterans covered by the vasrd?

Extra-schedular evaluations for veterans are addressed in 38 CFR 3. 321(b). The VASRD does not prevent the Secretary of the Military Department concerned from assigning ratings in unusual cases not covered by the VASRD.

What does vasrd higher of two evaluations mean?

When the PEB has a choice of two or more closely analogous DCs, VASRD 4.7, Higher of two evaluations, means the PEB will choose the one which provides the higher rating.